LHHATL: Yung Joc & Kendra’s Relationship

Getty Yung Joc performs onstage

Yung Joc is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the new episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, the rapper admits that his past relationship with Karlie Redd overlapped with his current engagement to lawyer Kendra Robinson. Yung Joc will have to decide whether or not to come clean to Kendra.

During a teaser for tonight’s episode, Yung Joc gets asked whether he dated both women at the same time. “It was overlapping,” he admits. “A little overlapping never hurt anybody. Not for real. I know people that stomach the overlap and it ain’t hurt nothing.” Fellow LHH cast member Kirk Frost warns Joc, telling him that Karlie will use the information against him if she gets the chance. “You might just wanna keep that sh*t all the way clean,” he said.

Yung Joc Has Admits That His Past & Current Relationship Overlapped

Yung Joc said that met Kendra when she was a couple years removed from law school, and that she’s been helping him “level up and grow up.” They got engaged on February 27, and have said that they own several and businesses together. According to VH1, Kendra earned a B.S. in mathematics at Kentucky State University and her J.D. from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law. She’s currently working her way up to judge. She also describes herself as “Mathematician, Attorney, and Realtor” on her Instagram bio.

Joc has made a point of trying to keep his relationship with Kendra private. In an interview with Vibe, he explained how he feels about reality TV, and how it can affect people’s attitudes. “You gotta understand that camera, the idea of what you are doing on a reality show,” he explained. “So you may be grounded and you may have a positive vibe or you just may be neutral and that other person is looking to gain whatever they may gain from anything they do that’s kind of just outrageous, outlandish, unorthodox. It’s kind of like you don’t know what they’re up to.”

Joc & Kendra Robinson Got Engaged on February 27, 2019

“When you’re watching reality TV and someone is having a conversation and that person throws a plate full of food like, what? Like, was this your plan to do this? Then there’s attention focused on what you’re doing or what you’re involved in you may react differently,” he continued. “Everything you do may be a little different. Think about it.

“Right now you and I are having a convo. If either one of us realized that someone is watching what we’re doing it could make you not wanna talk about it anymore. It can make you walk away or it could make you turn up because it’s like I gotta audience, let me give them a show.”

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