Adam Sandler’s SNL Best Cast of Characters & Skits on Saturday Night Live

Adam Sandler SNL characters


Adam Sandler is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. Although he spent 5 years and 88 episodes on SNL and went on to have a very successful film career, this is the actor and comedian’s first time hosting the show that helped him get his start.

Fans of Adam Sandler and his movies know that he is a very talented character actor, hilariously bringing to life fictional people such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Zohan. During his time on SNL, he helmed a number of characters and skits that will go down in history as some of the comedy show’s best. In the days leading up to his hosting the show, Saturday Night Live shared a promo video of their current cast members reflecting on their favorite Adam Sandler sketches.

The SNL Cast's Favorite Adam Sandler SketchesSNL cast members share their favorite Adam Sandler sketches. Adam Sandler hosts Saturday Night Live on May 4, 2019, with musical guest Shawn Mendes. The Denise Show: Five Weeks After ( Zagat's with Hank & Beverly Gelfand ( Adam Sandler: Lunch Lady Land ( The Herlihy Boy House-Sitting Service ( Weekend Update: Adam Sandler on Thanksgiving  (…2019-04-30T21:22:00.000Z

Before he makes his SNL hosting debut tonight, here are some of Adam Sandler’s best and most memorable characters and sketches from his time on Saturday Night Live:

Canteen Boy

Canteen Boy Goes to a Garage Sale – SNLCanteen Boy (Adam Sandler) stops by a garage sale run by Peter McGrath (Jeff Goldblum). [Season 19, 1993] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes:… Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL Instagram: SNL Pinterest:

Ahead of Sandler’s appearance, NBC shared an SNL “Highlight” video featuring Sandler’s Canteen Boy character. The character is a Boy Scout who would turn up at events and get mocked by the other characters in the sketch. According to The Washington Post, the sketches related to that character faced controversy after Alec Baldwin played a scout leader who was making sexual advances at the Boy Scout. Although it was established that Canteen Boy was an adult man, the sketch was criticized for seeming to spotlight and make light of child molestation.

The Denise Show

The Denise Show: Five Weeks After – SNLOn this episode of "The Denise Show," host Brian (Adam Sandler) dwells on his painful breakup with Denise (Shannen Doherty) five weeks back, takes calls, then calls and hangs up on Denise and her new boyfriend (Norm Macdonald). [Season 19, 1993] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes:… Like SNL:…2018-02-10T14:00:04.000Z

In the recurring “Denise Show” sketch, Sandler played Brian, who had recently broken up with his girlfriend Denise but was having trouble getting over her.

The Thanksgiving Song

Weekend Update: Adam Sandler on Thanksgiving – SNLAdam Sandler and Kevin Nealon sing a comical ditty celebrating Thanksgiving, how much he loves to eat turkey and peppering in facts that happen to rhyme with what he's talking about. [Season 18, 1992] #SNL #ThankfulforSNL Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes:… Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr:…2013-10-03T21:18:53.000Z

Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song” and “Hanukkah Song” are now famous independent of Saturday Night Live, but they started as live performances during the SNL Weekend Update. While he performed them as himself, not a character, their presence at holiday parties and on the radio more than twenty years later proves just how memorable Sandler’s original comedic songs were from the moment an audience first heard them.

He’s gotten to sing in several of his movies, the most notable of them is The Wedding Singer, in which he played the title character and lead, Robby Hart.

Hub’s Gyros

Hub's Gyros – SNLA patron (Jason Alexander) asks for more juice for his gyro, which the staff finds very interesting. Finally, David Spade asks them to end the sketch. With Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Robert Smigel, Tim Meadows. [Season 18, 1993] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes:… Like SNL:…2013-09-20T01:21:29.000Z

Keenan Thompson said that one of his favorite Sandler sketches was “Hub’s Gyros” from 1992. The sketch and its characters only appeared that one time, and it showcased Sandler and Rob Schneider harping on the fact that a customer at their shop (played by Jason Alexander) wants “more juice” for his gyro.

Opera Man

Weekend Update: Opera Man on Vice President Gore and Harry Connick Jr. – SNLOpera Man (Adam Sandler) sings about the week's top headlines including the ban being lifted on gays in the military, Vice President Gore's terrible dancing and Harry Connick Jr.'s arrest. [Season 18, 1993] #SNL Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: Full Episodes:… Like SNL: Follow SNL: SNL Tumblr: SNL…2017-08-09T14:00:03.000Z

Opera Man was another one of Sandler’s characters who showed up as a correspondent during the Weekend Update portion of the show. When he appeared in character, Sandler sang the week’s topical news points and updates as though they were in an opera. It was a funny and clever way to get people to pay attention to what was happening in the world at the time. It would be a great callback to Sandler’s time on the show if he were to bring Opera Man back during Weekend Update tonight.

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