AGT 2019 Premiere Results & Winners Who Made It Through Tonight

America's Got Talent 2019 Winners

Photo by: NBCUniversal

Tonight was the 2019 premiere of America’s Got Talent and season 14 has a ton of new performers in the mix. Some acts walked away winners, while others’ AGT dreams were crushed. Read on below for the live recap and results about who made it through to the next round.

Greg Morton was the first act up and he introduced himself as a 60-year-old man who does voices. He said that he’s worked as a mobile disc jockey but he wants to do voices full-time. For his act, he performed a tribute to Star Wars and the crowd loved it. At the end of the performance, Morton began to weep on stage. New judge Gabrielle Union gushed over Morton, as did the other judges.

Magician Eric Chien was the next act to take the stage and he said he’s face a lot of doubt over the years. He said magic has helped him through tough times, including service in the military. For his act, he put on a card trick, changing the colors of the cards, as well as the vest he was wearing. His act was impressive and captivating.

The next act was a girl who creates her own songs and posts her performances on YouTube. She said that she hasn’t had much success online and has experienced a lot of bullying, which is a subject she has incorporated in her music writing. Her dream is to tour around the world. Her name is Sophie Pecora and she is 15 years old. The judges were so touched by her performance and Howie Mandell called her “real” and “wonderful”.

Patrizio Ratto, a shy pianist, took the stage and said he was a bit nervous, prior to performing. His specialty was classical music and his set started with Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” and then added crazy dance movements, transforming the performance into an energetic dance routine. He then finished off the performance at the piano. The unexpected twists to the performance were praised by the judges, especially dancer Julianne Hough.

A dance team called V Unbeatable, from Mumbai, India, took the stage they said they have a very hard life back home. The group consists of 28 dancers, with ages ranging from 12 to 27, and most of the members live in the slums, with no electricity. The performance was filled with acrobatics and stunts, as well as high energy. The group got a standing ovation for their performance.

Comedienne Jackie Fabulous took the stage and was full of personality. She even got a hug and a kiss from judge Simon Cowell. The judges and the audience loved her carefree and wild jokes.

Gingzilla was the next performer and the judges couldn’t help but smile when they saw him. He called himself the 7-foot Ginger-zilla and he came out on stage baring his hairy chest and beard, while decked out in makeup and glamour. He said that he’s used all the things he used to be bullied for to his advantage. Soon, Gingzilla shocked the judges, as well as host Terry Crews, with his talented vocals. The combination of comedy and singing brought pleasure to the audience.

The Human Fuse was up next and he is a daredevil with 18 years experience. His partner in his act (also his wife) is a registered nurse but said that she is ready for him to retire so that she can stop worrying. His real name is Brian Miser. Upon getting up onstage, Miser revealed that he was actually injured with bruised ribs from running in the rain and was in the hospital the day before …

Miser’s stunt took him outside, shooting through the air on fire, and the judges looked frightened while watching. And, Miser ended up having to be sprayed with a fire extinguisher. But, he made it through the performance and said that, even though he was hurting a little bit, he was excited.

Lastly was blind and autistic contestant named Kodi Lee, who plays the piano and sings. His performance was flawless and full of soul, bringing judge Julianne Hough to tears. Hough said she could feel his heart and his passion. Simon Cowell complimented Lee’s tone and said he’s going to remember Lee’s audition for the rest of his life.

Lee was this season’s first recipient of the golden buzzer. Judge Gabrielle Union hit the golden buzzer for him, which sends him straight through to the live shows.