Are Ashley & Michael Darby Still Together?

Ashley Darby


Ashley Darby and her husband Michael are dealing with the fallout of the former’s recent controversy. Michael was accused of making unwanted sexual advances on a cameraman during the filming of Real Housewives of Potomac. This has led many viewers to question whether Ashley and Michael are still together, or whether they have broken up.

AOL reports that the two are still together. There have been no reports that they are separating, and Ashley continues to post loving messages and photos of the both of them on her Instagram. They are currently prepping for the birth of their child. Ashley talked to AOL about raising a family with Michael, and how he’s helped get her through the pregnancy.

Ashley & Michael Are Still Together Despite His Recent Controversy

“I’m eight months pregnant, and I was very scared for a long time, to the point where I wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was pregnant because I didn’t want to get too excited,” she admitted. “Michael is such an optimist and he’s one of those people who thinks that, ‘If I think it, it’s going to happen.'”

“So, eventually, it just came into my being that I’m really having this baby,” she continued. “That’s how he got through the Lehman bankruptcy and the recession. Michael has has quite a few hurdles that he’s overcome, so his optimism is one of the benefits that he brings to our relationship.”

Ashley & Michael Are Currently Expecting Their First Child Together

Ashley has also had to contend with rumors about her husband’s sexuality. After she threw a 90’s themed party during one of the episodes, cast member Robyn Dixon said that she overheard Michael say that he would perform oral sex on a man. Ashley was immediately skeptical of Robyn’s claim, however, given that others around them did not hear the same thing.

“When I hear that Robyn is going to talk about what Michael supposedly said about wanting to suck someone’s d*ck, the issue there is that there’s a discrepancy in relation to what Chris [Bassett] heard, what Candiace [Dillard Bassett] heard, and what Robyn heard,” Ashley explained. “So three people who were supposedly [there] at the same time to hear the same thing heard different things. And allegedly, the conversation was had with Chris, who heard something completely different than what Robyn is saying Michael said.”

Ashley went on to say that Michael’s sexuality has been questioned before, but that it doesn’t phase either of them. “Michael is a very opinionated person, and that rubs people the wrong way sometimes. So because he’s so opinionated and has such a voice, I feel that does make him a little bit of a target for some of the ladies and some of the fans,” she told Bravo. “Now, his sexuality has never been in question for me, but more so the fact that people can take such liberties in creating stories about his sexuality.”