Austen Kroll & Girlfriend Madison LeCroy’s Cheating Scandals on ‘Southern Charm’

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Instagram Pictured: Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy

Austen Kroll enters a new season of Southern Charm with a girlfriend on his arm. Madison LeCroy is a friend to several members of the cast, a mother to her only son, and the subject of town gossip when it comes to her relationship with Kroll. Kicking off the season, Kroll is exposed in a cheating scandal, after a woman recorded a video of him getting caught by LeCroy, in a possible threesome situation. Two women appeared to have spent the night at his place and he was yelling at LeCroy in his underwear, as she questioned the women.

But, Kroll isn’t the only one being accused of cheating. On the show, fellow cast member Shepard Rose said that LeCroy cheated on Kroll after his scandal. Others have chimed in, saying she messages other men online.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, however, LeCroy was in the audience and stated that she and Kroll were not still together when her supposed “indiscretions” occurred. If that’s true, then whatever she did would hardly be characterized as indiscretions.

Whatever the case is with the cheating allegations, according to Decider, Kroll breaks up with LeCroy on tonight’s episode of Southern Charm. He then meets up with Rose and Craig Conover at a bar, upset about the split, while his friends are happy the relationship ended. In response, Kroll reportedly says, “I just had a fucking conversation with the person that I thought really mattered in my life, so please have a little bit of compassion.” With that, his friends try to console him.

LeCroy is a hairstylist and makeup artist in Charleston, who owns her own salon called Blush & Brushes, and is quite friendly with Southern Charm cast members Naomie Olindo and Patricia Altschul, as reported by Bravo. Her son is 6 years old and there is no background info reported about her baby daddy.

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When LeCroy joined the season 6 cast of Southern Charm in a recurring role, Kroll said that some of the other cast members were very excited. Kroll told The Daily Dish, “She’s kind of like the hot topic. She seems to have made quite the impression … I know that she’s nervous; Patricia’s wanted her to come around more than she has in the past and now that she’s dating me, Patricia’s like, ‘Yay, Madison’s going to be around!’ because they have a great friendship.” Other cast members, like Shep Rose, on the other hand, called LeCroy a “bad influence” on Kroll.

For the first few seasons of Southern Charm, LeCroy actually did some of the hair for the cast. When it comes to her specialties, her LinkedIn account bio reads, “Madison is a professional freelance makeup artist and hair stylist based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her specialties include balayage and hair cutting with a background in hair and makeup for print, web, television/film, and weddings.” Some of the gigs she has had include the following:

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