Where Is Chris Harrison’s Ex-Wife Gwen Today?

Getty Chris Harrison and his ex-wife Gwen Jones.

Gwen Jones is the ex-wife of Bachelor host and TV personality Chris Harrison. The couple split in 2012, but many people often find themselves wondering what exactly happened to Gwen and where is she now?

These days, Gwen lives a relatively quiet life. She is focused on raising her two children, whom she co-parents with Chris. Despite being divorced, the exes maintain a friendship, and insist that their split was an amicable one. “As we started to grow apart and hit hard times, we just weren’t equipped to handle it, unfortunately,” Chris revealed. “We’ve always been great friends, and in the end that’s helped us remain amicable.”

Chris & Gwen Harrison Were College Sweethearts Who Divorced In 2012

Chris Harrison wife


Gwen told GQ that she still supports Chris, and believes that he’s great at what he does. She said he’s just as he appears on TV, “but funnier. People don’t realize how funny he is.” In a separate interview, Chris explained that he and Gwen remain close, and often spend time together as a family. “I’m doing great and so is Gwen,” he said on Live! with Kelly.

“I’m very proud of the fact that we’ve done it well. We’re the best of friends. Yesterday when we went to school to pick up the kids, we were walking across the street together and the crossing guard said, ‘Nice to see you guys together!'” he continued. “And my wife looked at me and was like, ‘The crossing guard knows?’ So yeah, everybody knows.”

Gwen Remains Friendly With Her Ex-Husband & They Raise Their 2 Kids Together

GettyChris Harrison and ex-wife Gwen with their children Joshua (R) and Taylor (L).

“It’s been the most difficult part of my life. I keep a smile on my face because I have to, but Gwen and I, we’ve been together for 22 years, married for almost 19,” Chris explained to E! Online. “So we grew up together and we have so much history, it would be foolish to not be friends. I’ve talked to her five times this morning. We spent Mother’s Day together, and we had lunch and went to movies with the kids — she will always be my best friend, I hope, and I want her to be happy and she wants me to be happy.”

Gwen and Chris met while they were both attending Oklahoma City University in 1991. She was an accountant, and he was a sportscaster, and they got married immediately after graduation in 1994. Their children, Joshua and Taylor, were born in 2003 and 2005, respectively.

Although Chris has dated here and there, both he and Gwen are currently single, according to popular celebrity dating website Who’s Dated Who. When asked about the idea of Gwen being the new Bachelorette, Chris jokingly said, “Now, there’s an idea. There’s a part of me, the producer side, that knows it would be epic television, good or bad. It could be like the Hindenburg—the greatest disaster ever—but even then that would be great TV.”

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