CoyoteVest on Shark Tank: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ABC Paul and Pamela Mott pitch Coyote Vest on 'Shark Tank.'

CoyoteVest is a device that keeps your pet safe from predators. It was founded by married couple Paul and Pamela Matt, who will appear on Shark Tank to pitch their device. They are hoping that they can hook an investor to help get them into retail stores.

CoyoteVest was founded in 2015 in response to a personal tragedy in the Mott family. Learn more about Paul and Pamela, their backgrounds together, and why they feel their device will help protect pets throughout the country.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. CoyoteVest Is a Body Armor That Keeps Pets Safe from Predators

CoyoteVest is a body armor for small dogs that will protect them from a coyote attack. According to the Shark Tank Blog, It’s made of Kevlar and has hard plastic spikes around the collar, down the the torso and along the center of the neck. The spikes aren’t intended to hurt the coyote, as they are made of plastic, but simply slow them down and give dog owners time to react.

CoyoteVest also comes with accessories that can further protect your pet. These accessories include a throat guard, a coyote zapper, and various “whisker” designs that consist of rubber strips sticking straight up. A standard Coyote Vest costs $99.95, as does the slightly modified Spike Vest. You can purchase them all on the official CoyoteVest website.

2. Paul & Pamela Founded the Business After Their Dog Was Killed By a Coyote In 2014

Paul Mott explained the basis upon which he co-founded CoyoteVest with his wife. “When our dog Buffy was killed by a coyote back in 2014 it was the worst day of my life. I’ll never forget how helpless I felt,” he recalled. “Since then we’ve been 100% focused and absolutely serious about finding the best solution to ensure that it never happens to us again.”

“I always enjoy[ed] walking and playing with my three small dogs at the end of the day,” he told SD Voyager. “Near the end of an otherwise normal September day, after a fun time at the Scripps Ranch dog park. I had two dogs in the car when I heard a yelp. I looked around and saw my third dog Buffy in the jaws of a coyote that was running away into the thick brush. We never saw Buffy again.”

Paul said that he didn’t understand what a large threat that coyotes posed to household pets like dogs and cats. “We didn’t realize how many people are deeply concerned for the safety of their precious fur babies,” he admitted. “We didn’t think our crazy ideas were going to get much attention. I mostly thought we might get teased for looking silly — but at least our problem would be solved and that’s all we wanted.”

3. Paul Said That the Vests Were ‘Very Difficult’ to Get Made at First

Paul told SD Voyager that the CoyoteVest was initially difficult to manufacture, given that it’s made up of Kevlar and laminated spikes. He Pamela ultimately decided to do it themselves. “The main problem is that our vest is not a simple cut-and-sew job as it involves laminated Kevlar and spikes — so we struggled to find a contract sewing company that could do the work,” he admitted.

“We did get some help in the beginning but eventually realized the only way to get the products made exactly as we want them, when we need them, was to do it ourselves,” Paul said. The couple then purchased industrial sewing machines and starting perfecting all the processes. “That has been a lot of work but it has worked and now we are much more nimble,” he added.

In a separate interview, Paul stated that the odd appearance of the CoyoteVest makes it doubly effective against coyotes. Not only does it prevent from an attack, but it confuses the coyotes as well. “They have the benefit of changing the appearance of the dog,” he explained. “They make the dog look like a different species of animal and the coyote doesn’t know if these are safe or not, he has no idea if they are plastic or poison-tipped and it introduces doubt in the coyotes mind.”

4. Coyote Vests Has Been 100% Effective for Its Customers

9 News reports that Coyote Vests are worn by more than 2,500 dogs around the world. None of these dogs have been injured while wearing the device, which is something that Paul is very proud of. “We are very proud of the fact that, so far with thousands of CoyoteVest’s in use around the world — the product has been 100% effective and no dogs wearing a CoyoteVest have been injured,” he said. “Our customers absolutely love our company and the peace of mind that the CoyoteVest provides.”

Pamela added that their CoyoteVest was successfully tested against a police K9 officer with the Escondido Police Department. “They were so surprised when they saw this little vest and the dog couldn’t get through this little vest,” she explained. “We actually had to de-spike the vest because they didn’t even want to do the test with the spikes on it because they didn’t want to hurt their dogs.”

CoyoteVest has received coverage by several notable outlets, including Buzzfeed, Popular Mechanics and Daily Mail. “The extraordinary amount of media coverage we’ve received has caused our little company to grow faster than anyone could’ve imagined,” Paul said.

5. Paul & Pamela Said Their ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch Was ‘Exciting’ & ‘Fun’

Paul issued a statement upon finding out that CoyoteVest would be on Shark Tank. He thanked everyone who has supported their product, and believed that they would make it. “Our journey to becoming a household name has reached it’s obvious conclusion — CoyoteVest will be on Shark Tank,” he wrote.

“What an amazing journey it has been, and what a huge opportunity for more people to learn about our young company and our mission to help save lives,” he added. “It took a lot of work and a lot of courage and I’m very proud that we actually did it. We will be appearing in the season finale of season 10 and our pitch is really exciting and fun — I guarantee we made some great TV! Trust me you don’t want to miss it…”

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