‘Game of Thrones’ Bracket Season 8 Episode 4 & Death Pool: Who Will Die & Who Will Live?


After a terrifying episode of Game of Thrones last week that defied many viewers’ expectations about who would live and who would die, no one’s quite sure what to expect for Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4. Fantasy teams and death pools are getting ready for bets again. But a lot of bets were wrong last week, so it will be interesting to see what happens this time around. Here are some of the biggest predictions about who will die next and who will live in Episode 4. This post has major spoilers from Season 8 Episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

Only three episodes are left and a lot of main characters are still alive after the Battle of Winterfell. This leaves a lot of options left for betting.

The Mountain Is Favored To Die Next


You might be surprised to learn that out of all the characters, The Mountain is favored +300 to be the next to die on the show, according to OddsShark.com. There must be a lot of fans rooting for Cleganebowl. After him is Grey Worm at +500, Rhaegal at +500 (who are these people betting a dragon will die?), Euron (+800), Bronn (+900), Tormund (+900), Ghost (+1000) (he better not die!), Arya (+1200), and finally Brienne (+1200).

As far as which Lannister will die next, OddsShark puts Jaime first at +100, followed by Cersei at +120 and then Tyrion at +300.

Which Stark will die first? Betting odds are for Arya at -150, strangely enough, followed by Bran at +175 and Sansa at +200. I find it strange that Sansa isn’t voted as the most likely to die first among the Starks. I would have voted for her death over Arya and Bran for sure.

Will Daenerys survive the final season? Betting odds are No -165 against Yes +125.

Will Tyrion survive the entire season? Betting odds are No -140 against Yes +100.

If it were between Jon Snow and Bran, odds are favored for Jon Snow to die first at -155 versus Bran at +115.

Most fans are betting against Cersei or Dany giving birth sometime this season. (A Dany pregnancy is still a theory.)

Arya & Jaime Are Tied for Killing Cersei


Last week Jaime led the odds for killing Cersei, but after Arya took out the Night King, many viewers are more impressed with her skills. So now the betting odds are tied for Arya or Jaime killing Cersei at +150. Believe it or not, the next option is for Cersei killing herself at +500.

Jon (Aegon Targaryen) Is Still Favored for Sitting on the Iron Throne at the End


Just like last week, Jon Snow is still favored for sitting on the Iron Throne at the end. The betting odds for Jon aka Aegon Targaryen are +135. Bran, who once held the top spot in earlier episodes, is now in second place at +450. Daenerys is at +550, followed by Sansa at +650 and Gendry at +750. I find it interesting that Sansa is ranked higher than Gendry, even though Gendry has a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne.

Next up is Tyrion at +850, interestingly enough, followed by Jon and Dany’s child if Dany is pregnant at +1200, Arya at +1400 (she should co-rule with Gendry), and Cersei at +2000. Next, crazily enough, is Littlefinger at +2500 (tied with Sam.) Yes, some people are still holding onto that crazy hope that Petyr Baelish had a Faceless Man stand in for him and he’s going to ride in and take over everything at the end.

Interested in more betting odds? Check out OddsShark’s page here

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