‘Game of Thrones’ Bracket & Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Death Pool: Who Dies & Who Sits on the Iron Throne?


The end of Game of Thrones is finally here, for better or worse. Things look even more uncertain when it comes to who will sit on the Iron Throne in the end and who will live or die. But fantasy teams and death pools are getting ready to make their bets again.  Here are some of the biggest predictions about who will die next and who will live in Episode 5. This post has major spoilers from Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones.

Daenerys Is Predicted To Be the First Character To Die in the Finale

Daenerys Mad King Queen


I guess people don’t expect anyone to be in a very forgiving mood considering what Daenerys did last week. According to OddsShark, Daenerys is favored by -400 as being the first character to die in the finale. Next is Grey Worm at +250, then Tyrion at +500, then Arya at +600, then Drogon at +800, then Brienne at +1000, Davos at +1000, Jon Snow at +1400, Sansa at +1400, Gendry at +2000, Bran at +2500, and Sam at +2500. I find it interesting that Drogon’s ranked so high, considering that all the ballistas and the people that powered them are pretty much gone.

When asked if Tyrion would die at all, the odds were -350 Yes and +225 No. Jon Snow is predicted at -300 to perish before Bran at +200. Arya is predicted at -230 to die before Sansa at +160. (I’m guessing that’s because Arya’s life is more dangerous in general right now.)

As for which Stark will die first, odds go to Arya at -175, then Sansa at +135, then Bran at +600. Guess we can’t have that question for the Lannisters anymore like we do every week, since only Tyrion is left.

As far as whether Daenerys will survive the episode, odds are at +300 yes and -500 no. So more people are predicting she’ll die. It’s almost the opposite for Jon Snow. When asked if he will survive, the odds were -550 yes and +325 no.

Odds Were Very Wrong Last Week About Who Would Kill Cersei

who died game of thrones season 6


Two weeks ago, Jaime and Arya were tied in the betting odds for killing Cersei. Then last week Jaime had edged into the lead according to OddsShark. Jaime was the +125 favorite and Arya was +160, not too far behind. Despite all those predictions, everyone was wrong. Jaime came to help Cersei, not kill her. And in the end, Cersei was killed by the following rocks of the Red Keep.

Bran Is Now Favored for Sitting on the Iron Throne at the End

Sorry Jon, but Bran is now the favorite for sitting on the Iron Throne at the end, and Jon has fallen to third place. Bran maintains his first place from last week with an even stronger lead. He’s at -500 betting odds for sitting on the Iron Throne at the end, followed by Sansa at +400, Tyrion at +750, and Jon Snow at +800. Next is Daenerys at +1500, Gendry at +3000, Arya at +3000, Jon and Dany’s hypothetical child at +3300, Sam at +5000, and Davos at +15,000. It’s interesting to me that Gendry isn’t listed higher, since now that he’s legitimized he has a good claim on the throne.

Interested in more betting odds? Check out OddsShark’s page here.

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