‘Game of Thrones’ Documentary: Best Memes & Reactions to ‘The Last Watch’

Game of Thrones Documentary Memes

HBO Game of Thrones Documentary Memes

The Game of Thrones documentary called “The Last Watch” gave us some beautiful insight into the cast and crew and their reactions and feelings about Season 8. They poured their hearts into the show, and the documentary reveals some surprising facts about the series. Read on to see the best memes and reactions to this last installment of Game of ThronesThis article has major spoilers for Season 8 of Game of Thrones

The breakout star was Andrew McClay, the extra who’s been on multiple seasons of the show. He was passionate about his role, teary-eyed at the end, and the documentary closed out showing him giving a tour of his favorite show. He was a bright light in the documentary and the season.

The Night King, played by Vladimir Furdik, was also great to watch. Vladimir seems like a really nice guy who enjoyed meeting the fans, signing autographs, and having the role of an actor for a while instead of being the stuntman. He said he didn’t even know what the Night King was when he accepted the role, believing he could play the role of any king on the show.

When Vladimir Furdik said he had two choices, to be a gangster or to do what he does today, it was an amazing moment.

He had great insight into his character too.

We also learned how Arya killed the Night King. According to the script, she leaped at the Night King from a pile of dead wights. This was not shown on camera, however. The cast was thrilled when they first read this development in the script.

We learned that Kit Harington’s shocked reaction in the trailer was to finding out that Jon Snow was going to kill Daenerys. Watching Emilia Clarke’s reaction to his reaction was also entertaining.

The most confusing part was the soundtrack. Sometimes it just didn’t make sense, such as the music they played during the funeral scene.

Sarah Grower, who helped design the crypt wights, was also great to watch. She was very concerned that everybody would like her wights, since crypt wights had never been designed before.

Yes, Ghost’s appearance in the documentary was unique…

We also learned that there was snow in King’s Landing, but the crew was told to only include a small amount of snow there. The special effects snow crew supervisor Del Reid  said he was told, “not too much, just to say that it’s blown in and stayed.” Reid was one of my favorites: he was open, authentic, and raw about his experiences.

The last goodbye from Kit Harington left many of us teary-eyed.

So let’s end this story on a happier note.