‘Game of Thrones’ End Credits Song: What Are the Lyrics? [VIDEO]


You might have noticed something interesting about the last song on Game of Thrones. The end credits finale song seemed to have lyrics. But what are they? If the choral voices are speaking actual words, then they are likely in another language.

Here’s the full video of the end credits song, so you can hear it again. It’s simply called “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

This isn’t the first time that Game of Thrones has added lyrics to its theme song. We saw a different version in Season 4.

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At the time, composer Ramin Djawadi was asked on an AMA on Reddit what the lyrics to the theme song were. His response was vague and simply said, “They were Valyrian influenced.”


HBO has used lyrics for the theme song one additional time. During the SXSW Game of Thrones experience in March, just before the season premiered, one of the featured performances was a 20-person robed choir performing songs including the Game of Thrones song with lyrics in a different language.

Here’s a short clip from SXSW:

I attended that in person, and the lyrics were a mystery then too.

So yes, there are lyrics in the new version of the end credits song. However, they are not in English and are simply “Valyrian-influenced.” This might mean they don’t actually tell a story, but rather create a beautiful chorus of sounds that give an epic and otherworldly feel to the end of the show, bringing everything full circle.

For many, the ending song was celebratory.

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The end credits song was beautiful, even if we can’t understand it.

Our watch has indeed ended.