‘Game of Thrones’ Fourth Dragon Theory: Are There More Baby Dragons on the Show?

Game of Thrones Baby Dragons and Fourth Dragon Theory


With only one dragon left on Game of Thrones, fans are desperately coming up with theories that might explain why there are still more dragons alive and well somewhere in Westeros. Some of these theories make a lot of sense. This post has spoilers through Season 8 Episode 4. 

The Fourth Dragon Theory

This idea stems from the intro that shows four dragons:


In a new addition to the intro, we now see one large dragon and four baby dragons, along with a red comet that was part of the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy. Some fans believe this larger dragon is a mysterious fourth dragon.

But other fans don’t buy this theory at all, stating that the large dragon is obviously Daenerys herself, who is sometimes called a dragon (and even more frequently the Mother of Dragons.)

If it is a fourth dragon, the main guesses seem to revolve around either Drogon’s mother, who is imagined to be living somewhere in Valyria, or Cannibal. Cannibal is a dragon that was untameable and actually ate other dragons and dragon eggs. The dragon was around during the time of A Dance with Dragons in the books (he’s not known in the show.) He was uncontrollable and flew away mysteriously. Since Balerion the Dragon lived to be more than 200 years old, Cannibal could theoretically still be alive.

The ‘Rhaegal Isn’t Dead’ Theory


HBOHappier times

Some fans are hoping for an undead-Rhaegal of sorts, but this time controlled by Bran. They say that since his body’s at the bottom of the ocean, it’s possible. Others believe that Rhaegal didn’t really die at all and will somehow magically heal. Considering that he was shot through the head, this theory seems very unlikely. If you don’t believe he’s really dead, check out these photos from that horrific scene. It’s hard to imagine otherwise. The only way he could resurface would be as an undead dragon. Undead Viserion still survived a hole in his neck and half his face gone. That’s the only way we’ll see Rhaegal again, in my opinion.

The Baby Dragons Theory

I don’t believe that Euron saw Drogon’s children when he was looking in the sky, because they simply wouldn’t be full-grown yet. But I do buy the theory that Drogon laid eggs and they have either hatched or are waiting to hatch.

As far as we know, Daenerys’ three dragons – Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon – are the last dragons left in the world. But there is much of Essos and beyond not explored in the series, so it’s possible there are dragons somewhere else in the world. Hope isn’t completely gone.

Hope might also be found with Drogon.

In a previous season when Tyrion and Jorah were sailing through Valyria (and right before Jorah got infected), they saw Drogon flying around the ruins. See the video below:

Jorah and Tyrion travel through Valyria (505)- HDPlaylist : youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIyo4seD4Nll7thc0Tfztc03-iWSWD4k2015-07-24T01:33:25.000Z

Around the same time, Daenerys had said in a different scene that she hadn’t seen Drogon in a while and wasn’t sure where he was. She had confided to Daario in Season 5 that she didn’t know where Drogon was. At one point she saw him on the Great Pyramid, but when she reached for him he flew away again.

Some have guessed that perhaps Drogon went to Valyria – his “homeland” so to speak – to lay dragon eggs. It’s not outside the realm of possibility. We don’t really know how dragons reproduce or even know for sure that Drogon is male. The lore is that it’s not really possible to tell a dragon’s sex until it lays eggs (and some believe dragons might even be “self-reproducing.”) Drogon could have been impregnated by Viserion or Rhaegal. Or maybe he’s male and impregnated a female dragon that was still alive somewhere in Valyria. (This second theory seems less likely.)

Dragons are so mysterious and so much knowledge of them has been lost. I think a clutch of dragon eggs is somewhere in Valyria, parented by Drogon.

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