Subvert Expectations: The Best Game of Thrones D&D ‘Kind of Forgot’ Memes from Season 8 Episode 5


Over the last few weeks, some fans have been horrified over decisions made by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss.  Last week, Heavy presented the best “kind of forgot” memes from Season 8 Episode 1 through Episode 4. Well, after Episode 5 even more expectations have been subverted, so we had to do a brand new post. Here are the best D&D ‘Kind of Forgot’ memes so far. This post has major spoilers through Season 8 Episode 5 and some spoilers from the Episode 6 trailer. 

Episode 4 was bad enough when Daenerys fell victim to a sneak attack that took out Rhaegal after she “kind of forgot” about Euron’s fleet. Now things are worse. But first, a look back at how the meme began. Fans say Daenerys should have expected Euron’s fleet, not to mention that she should have at least seen the fleet from her vantage point high in the sky. In the behind the scenes explanation, Benioff said this:


Benioff’s explanation was that while Dany “kind of forgot about the Iron fleet and Euron’s forces, they certainly haven’t forgotten about her.” Fans think his explanation was so ridiculous that they turned it into a meme. (She was just talking about the Iron Fleet in the war room before they left. So she forgot about them really fast.) Here’s a video showing why the idea that Dany would forget about the Iron Fleet is so ridiculous.

Well, expectations were subverted even more in Episode 5. Jaime kind of forgot that he cared for innocents, Daenerys kind of forgot that she didn’t enjoy killing women and children, Varys kind of forgot to whisper. The examples are endless. So here we go. (And we’re also going to include the best memes from previous episodes too, because we can’t leave those out.)

This one, shared on r/freefolk by u/ZixTro, is far too accurate, and something that will likely annoy me during the entire finale. (Note: Don’t visit r/freefolk unless you are OK with being spoiled. This subreddit shares spoilers without any warnings, including in post’s feature photos and headlines.


Here’s a tweetable version:

And yes, Benioff did say in a previous Inside the Episode this season that the Battle of Winterfell marked the end of the Dothraki.

This next one was shared on r/freefolk by u/dil0k (but a watermark says jonerys.starkgaryen.) It’s very accurate. Dany was a force to be reckoned with and could be cruel at times, but she didn’t like killing innocent women and children in the show.


More on that topic. Weiss literally says, “She’s not her father, and she’s not insane, and she’s not a sadist.”

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And this one’s just funny.

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And Jaime kind of forgot that he actually cares about innocent lives.

And let’s not forget that Jon Snow’s greater purpose now seems to be only saying “I don’t want it” and “She’s my queen.” This one was shared by u/docKev_ on freefolk.

This next one, from u/InRealLife904, is actually a callback to when Melisandre didn’t wear her necklace and seemed just fine. This was later explained to be a costume error.


Let’s not forget that moment in Episode 5 when Tyrion tried to talk some sense into Cersei at King’s Landing and for some reason Cersei didn’t kill him right then and there, despite having just sent Bronn out to kill Tyrion for the high price of Highgarden. Hmmm. This meme was shared by u/ljrox213.

u/ljrox213Cersei meme

And yes, they really did forget about a key part of Sam’s storyline:

And this reference to D&D helming three Star Wars movies is perfect. Thanks to u/rubeenbilal47.

u/rubeenbilal47Star Wars

Ultimately, every theory might be doomed. :( Thanks to u/osraoe for this jewel of a meme that ended last week’s D&D Kind of Forgot series and is ending this week’s series too.

u/osraoeWe’re up against this…