Subverting Expectations: The Best Game of Thrones ‘Kind of Forgot’ Memes from Season 8

HBO Kind of Forgot Memes

After Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4, many fans were incensed by an answer from David Benioff in a behind-the-scenes interview with HBO explaining Daenerys’ battle tactics. Benioff’s explanation was so ludicrous to fans that it’s become a meme of its own. Read on to see the story behind the meme and the best memes using his answer that truly subverted expectations. This post will have MAJOR spoilers for Season 8 Episode 4. 

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In Season 8 Episode 4, Daenerys fell victim of a sneak attack from Euron’s fleet, which caused a horrific ending for her dragon Rhaegal. But fans have not been convinced by that scene. They say that Daenerys should have expected Euron’s fleet, not to mention that she should have at least seen the fleet from her vantage point high in the sky. In the behind the scenes explanation, Benioff said this:


Yes, Benioff’s explanation for everything that happened was that Dany “kind of forgot about the Iron fleet and Euron’s forces, they certainly haven’t forgotten about her.” Fans think his explanation was so ridiculous that they’ve turned it into a meme. (She was just talking about the Iron Fleet in the war room before they left. So she forgot about them really fast.) The meme may be the funniest Game of Thrones meme to hit the Internet yet for Season 8.

And why won’t Benioff look us in the eyes when he’s saying this?

But first, here’s a video showing why the idea that Dany would forget about the Iron Fleet is so ridiculous.

Dany forgot about the Iron FleetCheck out our Casual Corns channel for critical GoT discussion:

And now onto the best memes.

First, subverting our expectations for Cleganebowl. This was created by u/DaenerysxTargaryen.

Here’s a tweetable version if you want it:

This next one, from u/InRealLife904, is actually a callback to when Melisandre didn’t wear her necklace and seemed just fine. This was later explained to be a costume error.


Next up is the location change for King’s Landing, which clearly was a coastal town back in Season 1, and now seems to magically be in a desert. This one was created by u/Procean.

u/ProceanKing’s Landing Meme

Jaime actually saw snowflakes falling on King’s Landing at the end of Season 7, but I guess the snow kind of forgot that it was falling. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

People have been theorizing about what Euron was seeing in the sky in Season 8 Episode 5’s trailer. This is the best idea I’ve seen yet, created by u/SS2602.

u/SS2602Night King meme

Let’s not forget that moment when Tyrion tried to talk some sense into Cersei at King’s Landing and for some reason Cersei didn’t kill him right then and there, despite having just sent Bronn out to kill Tyrion for the high price of Highgarden. Hmmm. This meme was shared by u/ljrox213.

u/ljrox213Cersei meme

And I love this Cersei forgot meme, because at this point I could see it happening. This was created by u/Clinkzy.

u/ClinkzyCersei forgot

And this reference to D&D helming three Star Wars movies is perfect. Thanks to u/rubeenbilal47.

u/rubeenbilal47Star Wars

And why did they bring Jon back to life again? Beric had a purpose, but Jon… Well, u/brokendrive has a theory about that one.


Ultimately, every theory might be doomed. :( Thanks to u/osraoe for this jewel of a meme.

u/osraoeWe’re up against this…

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