‘Game of Thrones’ Leaks: Spoilers & Predictions for Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne


Who is going to sit on the Iron Throne when Game of Thrones ends tonight? Here are all the biggest spoilers, leaks, and predictions. This post will have MAJOR spoilers for Season 8 Episode 6 if the predictions or leaks are correct, so only read on if you want to possibly be spoiled on major twists. 

There are a bunch of rumors and theories and purported leaks circulating about who will sit on the Iron Throne when the episode ends tonight. Here are the top ones.

Some fans believe that Daenerys won’t be killed and she will be the one who sits on the Iron Throne at the end. But this is the least-circulated and least-favored theory right now. Most fans believe that Dany will either be killed or somehow driven into exile tonight, after what she did in Episode 5.

Many fans believe it will be Jon Snow who sits on the Iron Throne at the end. He has a strong claim as Rhaegar’s legitimate son. If Daenerys dies, they believe that he will take the throne despite his assertions that he doesn’t want the power. He has a consistent track record of ultimately taking the power thrust upon him, even if he didn’t want it, because it was for the good of the realm.

But others believe that if he (or even if someone else) kills Daenerys, he will be too filled with grief to take on such a responsibility. He took it hard enough when he had to kill Olly, so imagine if he killed Daenerys or even watched her being killed. Who would replace him if he refused the Throne?

One idea is Gendry, since he has the best claim since Daenerys legitimized him. He won’t try to take the throne himself by force, but he might be “given” the throne, so to speak, because he has the best claim as the former king Robert Baratheon’s son. Some think that the throne will be broken in a battle (or already was broken) and Gendry will repair the throne himself first before taking the throne. I love this idea.

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Others believe Arya will actually have the throne for a period of time. They think she will kill Daenerys and then take Dany’s face, ruling for a time before ultimately handing over the throne to someone else. Sansa is another less popular option for taking the Iron Throne.

Then there is someone named Afraidpart who claims to have a leak that indicates Bran Stark will be the king somehow, perhaps chosen by the people. This one is so strange to me. There’s a big controversy on a subreddit called Freefolk (where spoilers are allowed in headlines and photos without any warning) about the leak. That’s because another well-known leaker since 2016, Frikidoc, is claiming that Bran is not going to take the throne and some of the Afraidpart leaks aren’t accurate. If you want to wade through freefolk yourself, just visit this link. However, know that there will be no spoiler warnings of any sort before major spoilers are posted. (I like the conspiracy theory that Afraidpart made this leak so he can win in betting pools, haha.)

Oh, and some people think the Iron Throne was destroyed last week and we’ll find that out today. So there’s really no throne for anyone to sit on.

I personally like the theory that Ghost will ultimately take the throne, because why not? I like the idea of Ghost and Tormund returning, taking out everyone, and Ghost sitting on the throne at the end.

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