‘Game of Thrones’ Poll: Did Jaime’s Character Arc Make Sense in Season 8 Episode 5?


It could take days or weeks to process Season 8 Episode 5 of Game of Thrones. But one of the most confusing storylines to process is Jaime Lannister’s. After you read the story and see other fans’ reactions, take the poll at the end of the article and let us know what you thought.

This post will have major spoilers for Season 8 Episode 5.

Tonight Jaime Lannister made some decisions that really confused fans. (Well, technically the confusion started last week.) Jaime was on the road to redemption. In the Season 7 finale he finally freed himself of Cersei’s influence after realizing that she was willing to betray the North and give the Night King’s army a chance at winning just to have a better shot at the Throne. Jaime left her over that and Cersei put a bounty on his head, hiring Bronn to kill both Jaime and Tyrion.

Jaime knew all this and yet still he decided to leave Brienne and go back to Cersei. I hoped it was to kill her, because he is the King Slayer after all. But no. Tyrion wanted him to go and convince Cersei to surrender and ring the bell.

When Jaime finally found Cersei, it was instead to have a last embrace as they died. She was terrified about dying while pregnant with their unborn child. And Jaime told her: “Nothing else matters, only us.” That was a clear callback to what he has said to her in the past. And it really felt like his character went full circle and ended up right back where it started.

But do other fans agree with how I felt? Here’s what they had to say. (Some tweets will have profanity, understandably.)

Oh, and I forgot that Jaime told Tyrion earlier that he never really cared for the innocents. What?

Here’s a clip of Jaime caring about innocents.

While Jaime forgot about his arc, Game of Thrones fans didn’t.

But then again, this is also the same Jaime who – after being the Kingslayer because he cared about innocents – pushed Bran out of a tower window. So we’ve got to consider that too. Hmmmm. But wait, hold up… Didn’t he just leave King’s Landing so he could fight for innocents’ lives against the Night King? I’m so confused now.

This tweet is just funny.

Here are some more reactions from fans.

The actors were phenomenal though.

So did Jaime’s arc make sense? Take the poll and let us know what you thought.

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