‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 4 Review: Shocking Theories from The Last of the Starks

The Last of the Starks Review & Theories

HBO The Last of the Starks Review & Theories

The latest episode of Game of Thrones, called The Last of the Starks, had some shocking plot twists. But if you weren’t watching closely enough, you may have missed these theories that were lurking right under the surface. Here’s a look at the best theories from Season 8 Episode 4. This post has major spoilers for Season 8 Episode 4.

Jaime Might Have a Plan, Not a Problem

There are several possibilities for Jaime acting the way he did, leaving Brienne to go back to Cersei at the end of the episode. First, he thinks Cersei is pregnant with his child. So maybe he just can’t shake that and has to try one more time. However, he also knows that she sent Bronn to kill him, so how much faith can he really have in her?

Another possibility is that he only left Cersei to save his own life because of the Night King’s threat. Now that the threat is over, he believes being with Cersei gives him a better chance to live. Without such a huge existential threat, his love for Cersei wins out. I don’t buy this theory.

Another theory is that he plans to kill Cersei, believing he is the only one who can get close enough to her to do so. I hope this one is right and this is the theory I’m standing behind.

But in the behind the scenes episode on YouTube, the showrunners said that Jaime was essentially addicted to Cersei. I’m wondering if Jaime basically feels like he’s a terrible person and doesn’t deserve happiness, so he pushes Brienne away and is punishing himself. He listed his sins to Brienne, so that might be the case rather than feeling love for Cersei.

I’m worried that Jaime will run into Arya on the road back to King’s Landing, and Arya will kill him to take his face and get to Cersei himself. I mean, that would be an efficient way to stop the war, but a sad end to Jaime’s story.

I’m hoping Jaime plans to redeem himself like Theon did, and ultimately kill Cersei himself. But unlike Theon, maybe he can live and find joy in the end.

Bran Might Be in Too Deep

Tyrion said he was envious of Bran. But Bran said not to be. “Mostly I live in the past,” he said to Tyrion.

It seems like an offhand comment, but it could indicate a big problem for Bran. Remember when he first became the Three-Eyed Raven? It was right after the previous Three-Eyed Raven showed Bran the past at the Tower of Joy and with Hodor. Bran got entranced with what was happening in those past scenes. The Three-Eyed Raven found Bran’s fascination with the past concerning. He told him that if he stays in the past too long, he’ll drown in it. “It’s beautiful beneath the sea, but if you stay too long, you’ll drown,” the Three-Eyed Raven warns.

Now we know Bran is spending all of his time in the past. This could be a problem.

GoT Rewind: BloodravenA look at the Three-Eyed Raven.2019-04-05T04:15:01.000Z

We know from when Bran saw the Tower of Joy scenes that he can somewhat influence the past. He called out to his father-in-the-past and young Ned turned at the sound. Three-Eyed Raven insisted that the “ink is dry” and the past can’t be changed. But we seemed to witness something different. And of course the Hodor loop also indicates that Bran can influence the past.

So now I’m wondering if Bran is possibly drowning in the past, and now it’s influencing him rather than vice versa. Perhaps he’s simply living another life right now, maybe as Bran the Builder who created the Wall. Or maybe something more sinister is happening and the Night King from the past is influencing Bran of the present. There is more to that statement than meets the eye.

Tyrion’s Speech Had a Twist About Cersei’s Pregnancy


Tyrion’s speech just before Missandei was killed was heartbreaking and did not affect Cersei one bit. But the main question arising from his speech is whether or not Cersei was lying to Tyrion and Jaime when she said she was pregnant with Jaime’s child. I’m guessing she wasn’t lying, but has since lost the child (thus why she’s now drinking alcohol again.)

There was an interesting moment at the end of the episode when Tyrion pleaded with Cersei not to start a war because of the baby she’s pregnant with. Some fans thought that was a poor choice on Tyrion’s part to base his argument on. There’s a theory going around that Tyrion had a different reason for giving that speech – to drive a wedge between her and Euron.

Euron will wonder why Tyrion thinks she’s pregnant and realize that Tyrion can’t think Cersei is pregnant with Euron’s baby. This could ultimately drive a wedge between them.

Grey Worm Will Keep His Promise to Missandei

Grey Worm And Missandei Talk About Thier Future ¦ Game of Thrones S08E02#forthethrone#gameofthronesseason8,#got#gots8clips2019-04-22T03:33:39.000Z

Missandei’s death was horrifying. Grey Worm’s grief will be tough to handle. But I believe he will keep his promise to Missandei. He will bring her back to her people and protect them for the rest of his life.

Daenerys Will Honor Missandei’s Last Words, But Dany Is NOT Crazy

Just before Cersei had the Mountain behead Missandei, she told Missandei to say her last words. Kindhearted Missandei’s last words were: “Dracarys.”

Those words are why Daenerys will ultimately try to burn everything in King’s Landing. It won’t be because she’s gone mad like the Mad King, her father, when he said BURN THEM ALL. It will be in response to her best friend’s last words. It will be in an attempt to stop a Mad Queen who already tried to kill her own subjects with wildfire. It will be an attempt to stop even more senseless death that would happen if Cersei lives.

Ghost Deserves Better

Let’s get one thing clear: Ghost deserves better. Jon had Ghost’s best interests in mind when he asked Tormund to take Ghost north. He wants Ghost to be where he will be happier and safer. I’m OK with that. What I’m not OK with is Jon leaving Ghost without so much as a pet or a good boy.

Every time Ghost appears is a highlight in my book. He lost part of his ear in the great Battle of Winterfell, but he was one of the few to survive who participated in that first wave Dothraki attack. Ghost is badass and he always will be.

Rhaegal Was Heartbreaking, But Dragons May Not Be Extinct


One of the most heartbreaking moments of Season 8 Episode 4 was Rhaegal’s death. I wanted to cry when that sweet dragon was killed by the Scorpion weapons. Yes, it was Rhaegal – Jon’s dragon – that was shot and killed. Dany was riding Drogon.

However, just because there’s just one dragon left doesn’t mean dragons are about to go extinct. I have a theory that Drogon laid some eggs before all this went down. Remember when Drogon was seen at Valyria in Season 5 and no one knew why? I think the dragons are far from going extinct. You can read my theory in the link below.

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