‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 3 Brightened Scenes: Best Photos & Videos of The Long Night

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Brightened

HBO Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Brightened

One of the most exciting battles in the history of Game of Thrones aired last Sunday and for many viewers, it was too dark to see. Thankfully, some fans have brightened some photos and videos of the best parts, so you can see what you missed. Here are some of the best brighter photos and videos from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3. This post will, of course, have spoilers for Season 8 Episode 3. 

First, this is the best brightened photo from the set. It was created for Reddit by u/TheMilleniunFalcao.


You can join the original thread about the photo and how it was made below:

And below is an upscaled version of the beautiful scene where the two dragons were flying against the night sky. This was shared on Reddit by u/Yelov.


Yelov also created their own lightened, upscaled version of the same photo at the beginning of this story.


These photos capture the beauty of the dragon scenes — a beauty that was sadly missed by many people who watched the episodes live. The darkness sometimes made it hard to see the dragons at all, especially if you had a lower-quality stream.

On Reddit, u/czmanix shared this video of the dragon fight scene with the brightness increased and the speed slowed down.

This scene is amazing to me when brightened. You can really see the detail that went into the dragons’ fight and how much the dragons were hurt. You can see the holes in undead Viserion’s wings. You can see the Night King continually trying to spear Rhaegal. And you can see Drogon finally flying in and breaking up the fight.

Watching this brightened lets you see details and just how the dragons were clawing and kicking at each other — details that were heartbreakingly missed in the actual airing. You can see that as soon as Viserion gets Jon’s cloak, Rhaegal rips off part of Viserion’s face, protecting Jon. It breaks my heart to think of how close these dragons were, until Viserion was killed and turned undead.

Next, czmanix uploaded brightened video of the undead crypt scenes.

With the video above brightened, you can see the undead breaking out and see more of the people who were taken out by them.

This beautiful photo of Melisandre is well-lit and one that you might have missed.


This video shows the first wave of the dead brightened, as shared by u/Adhamakady.

Here is another brightened photo shared on Reddit.


This next video, from YouTube, shows a side-by-side comparison of a dark scene from The Long Night and a brightened one.

Darkest Scene of Game of Thrones Brightened | The Long Night ~ Battle of WinterfellAs promised, The Night was dark and full of terrors. In this series of videos, we explore the value of ultra dark scenery in Game of Thrones. This video offers two panels: the original from HBO.com and overbrightened one (for more details). The following videos in the playlist offer three panels with original, overbrightened and…2019-04-30T07:37:13.000Z

Here are some brightened photos from the dragon fight scene and other scenes in the episode, as shared on Reddit by u/sevendots.








And here’s the moment when Drogon was consoling Dany.


And here’s a brightened version of the original teaser for the episode.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Teaser – BRIGHTENED VIDEOThe teaser for next Sunday's episode, but only this time you can actually see shit copyright hbo, all rights reserved blah blah2019-04-23T19:02:33.000Z

The episode was outstanding, but seeing some of these scenes brightened gives you even more admiration for the people who made the episode come to life.

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