‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5: Best Memes & Reactions to ‘The Bell’


SPOILER WARNING ahead: This post will have major spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 5. Fans aren’t sure what to think of the latest episode and their reviews are pretty mixed up. Here are the best memes and reactions.

First, fans absolutely loved Cleganebowl. The hype is real.

Cersei sneaking past was pure gold too.

As was Qyburn’s cause of death: Cleganebowl.

Never mind that The Mountain without a helmet kind of looked like Varys…

The Hound faced his worst fear and took out The Mountain, dying in fire in the process. Sad but a perfect ending for his character.

Fans weren’t so sure about Jaime and Daenerys’ storylines though. Take a moment to vote in the poll about Jaime’s story and then move on to more memes.

First, fans weren’t so convinced about Jaime’s not killing innocents speech, considering that he killed the Mad King to spare innocents and then left Cersei to fight the Night King.

Overall, Jaime’s storyline wasn’t loved.

But fans were divided about Daenerys. Some believed it didn’t make any sense, while others said we had the clues all along.

She didn’t stop Drogon’s fiery tirade when all the armies against her laid down their weapons and surrendered. Instead, she began a fiery rampage that destroyed the city. This included burning and killing innocent people as they ran from her.

Some fans say we should have expected this all along.

But others are devastated and say they ruined Dany’s character.

Everyone’s having fun with Jon Snow memes, meanwhile. That’s something most fans can agree on. This expression launched a thousand tweets:

And yeah, this happened.

And while fans think Arya might now be off to kill Daenerys, we can’t hep but remember those theories about killing Cersei.

No one will not die.

Awww. It’s true. The Golden Company barely did anything. :(

And whether you like Cersei or not, Lena Headey’s performance was Emmy worthy.

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