‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5 Title & Description: Do We Know the Name of Episode 72?


Lately Game of Thrones has been notorious for not releasing episode titles until the very last minute. This is a new thing for Season 8 that HBO has never really done before. In fact, HBO is equally tight-lipped about episode descriptions, which is why TV Guide seems to be running the same synopsis week after week. Here is what we know so far about the title and description for Season 8 Episode 5 airing tonight. We’ll update this story when an official title is released, which will likely happen sometime while the show is airing or immediately after.

UPDATE: The name of the episode is “The Bells.” All the leaks and guesses were wrong. 



There’s a rumor that might be accurate, but others are debating its authenticity. One viewer in Canada said they noticed that CraveTV already had the episode listed, with the title for tonight’s episode as “The Last War.” (A very spoiler-filled post about it is here on Reddit by u/ffthroaway183.) The description reads: “Daenerys grieves while Tyrion has his concerns. Cersei and Euron brace themselves for the imminent battle. Jon and Davos observe the Dothraki and Unsullied as they muster before the Golden Company at the gates of King’s Landing.” They said the episode was briefly posted early, but not viewable, and then was taken down. Some people believe the poster and others think it’s made up. Here’s the screenshot that was shared:


The other rumors about tonight’s episode title probably aren’t accurate and stem mostly from Reddit’s very spoiler-filled group called r/freefolk. This is a favorite subreddit for Game of Thrones spoilers and rumors, but tread there at your own risk. The subreddit provides zero spoiler warnings, and you might see spoilers just scrolling through the subreddit if you just read headlines and see the main photos.

The two main guesses for tonight’s episode title so far are:

  • Ice and Fire
  • Children of the Dragon

At one point, Wikipedia was edited to list all the upcoming episode titles as Winter Is Here (1), The Rightful Queen (2), Winterfell (3), Exodus (4), Ice and Fire (5), and A Dream of Spring (6). A separate rumored list that showed up on Wikipedia claimed the titles would be Truth (1), Winter is Here (2), The Battle for Dawn (3), A Man with Honor (4), Ice and Fire (5), and A Dream of Spring (6.) These were all wrong. That’s why I’m not putting a lot of hope into the “Ice and Fire” guess being correct.

The third guess, “Children of the Dragon,” was listed on the r/freefolk subreddit here. The description read: “A way out is revealed and Arya meets an old friend.” This “leaked” list actually got the name of Episode 3 correct, but its guesses for Episodes 1 and 2 and 4 were all wrong and all of the descriptions were inaccurate. So I honestly wouldn’t put much stock in this one either.

My guess is going to be that neither of the “leaked” episode titles are correct this time, and the title is going to be something completely different, just like last week. No one guessed that last week’s episode would be titled “The Last of the Starks.”

HBO should reveal the episode title right around the time the episode airs, or shortly after it is completed airing.

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