‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Predictions & Spoilers: Will Arya Live or Die?


Will Arya live, die, or kill Daenerys in the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 finale tonight? Here are the biggest predictions, theories, and spoilers for tonight. This post may have spoilers if any of these predictions turn out to be true. Here’s a roundup of the major predictions involving Arya and the finale.

Some believe that Arya is going to add Daenerys to her list and try to kill her. Arya certainly did look shaken up at the end of last week’s episode when she saw the burned bodies of the mother and child that she tried to help.


And others believe the horse Arya saw at the end (the white horse) represents the pale horse of Death and Arya returning to her list. (However, the pale horse of Death is from the Bible, which is not part of the Westeros universe, so I’m doubting that interpretation.)


Fans think that Arya will use her Faceless Men skills to steal a face that will let her get close to Daenerys while she has her guard down, likely Tyrion’s or Grey Worm’s. (Although Jon Snow could be a possibility.)

Some fans take the theory one step further and believe that Arya will then wear Daenerys’ face for a while and rule, finally handing the throne over to someone else.

Others believe that Arya will leave killing behind completely after what she has seen at King’s Landing and will accept Gendry’s marriage proposal. This would break the cycle of her repeating Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark’s story.

Still other fans don’t see any of these happening. They don’t think Arya will have any interest in taking out Daenerys, but she won’t have interest in anything happening in Westeros. She’s expressed interest before in seeing what is west of Westeros. You can see her ask that question in 4:33 of the video below, from Season 6 Episode 8.

She sounds fascinated with the idea of learning what’s west of Westeros and seeing what’s at the edge of the world.

It’s not clear from the books or series what is indeed west of Westeros. The Sunset Sea lies to the west, but there’s been no successful crossing of it that’s verified. Some Ironborn do claim to have found islands to the west, according to the Ice and Fire wiki. Books have also mentioned that the Seastone Chair of the Iron Islands was, perhaps, made by people who live west of Westeros.

Many fans believe Arya’s ultimate destiny lies traveling west of Westeros and exploring a region not seen by modern mankind.

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