‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Finale Predictions for Bran Stark: Spoilers & Leaks


Many rumors are circulating about Bran Stark and his role in the Season 8 (and series) finale of Game of Thrones. Will we see much of him in Season 8 Episode 6? Or will he be more of a side character like he’s been for the last few episodes? Here are the major predictions along with possible spoilers from leaks that might be true. This post will have MAJOR spoilers for Season 8 Episode 6, so only read on if you want to possibly be spoiled on major plot twists. 

One rumor that’s been circulating for quite a while is that Bran is secretly evil and siding with the “Great Other.” (In Melisandre’s religion, the Lord of Light is also called the Red God or R’hllor. The religion centers around the belief in two deities: a god of light and love and a god of darkness. R’hllor is the god of light. The Great Other is the god of darkness. Some believe the Great Other may be the God of Winter and the god of the White Walkers.) The theory guesses that when Bran was marked by the Night King, he was somehow infected with the Great Other’s essence, and thus was already “dark” when the Three-Eyed Raven downloaded all his information into Bran. Since Bran has powerful greensight, he can affect the past (as was noted with Hodor) and may have been the one that made the Mad King go insane.

This theory also guesses that since we never saw a closeup of Daenerys after she lost her mind staring at the Red Keep, Bran may have warged into her. Fans who believe this point out that ravens (or some type of bird) were circulating the Red Keep when Dany went crazy, and this might point to involvement from Bran.


The idea is that this will slowly be revealed in the finale, as we realize that Bran is the Night King reborn.

In addition to this major prediction, there are two rumors and conflicting leaks circulating about Bran Stark. So only read on if you’re definitely OK with potential major spoilers. It’s impossible to know which of these will come to pass, since they pretty much directly conflict each other. And since they do conflict, it’s possible that neither one is accurate.

There are two major leakers that fans get information from these days, and they go by the names Frikidoc (Jose Senaris Romay) and Afraidpart. Their leaks are shared frequently in the spoiler-heavy subreddit called freefolk. Both of these leakers have contradictory details about the episode tonight. It’s fascinating and I can’t help but wonder if this points to the filming of two different endings and the actual ending will be something else entirely.

Afraidpart has said that Bran will end up taking the Iron Throne somehow, perhaps by people voting for him. (This makes no sense to me, because who would vote for Bran over Sansa or Gendry? I have a really tough time believing this theory or potential leak.) Meanwhile, Frikidoc, another major source of leaks, insists this is not the case. He says Bran won’t be the King. All of Frikidoc’s tweets can be found here.

Either of these predictions could line up with Bran also siding with the Night King somehow. It’s also possible that none of these leaks or predictions are accurate and something entirely different will happen. EW reported that secrecy for Episode 6 was so extreme that only people with special badges were allowed on set and some scenes were even filmed on a closed set.

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