‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 6: Live Reactions to the Biggest Moments in the Finale

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Live

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This article will have live reactions reviewing the highlights of the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 finale. So if things seem a little coherent, it’s only temporary. Refresh the article for the latest reactions and highlights of the craziest moments. This won’t be a play-by-play recap (which I’ll post later), but will focus on the really big moments in the episode. So of course, this post will have spoilers for the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 finale. 

I’ve been terrified of tonight’s episode ever since Jon Snow left without petting Ghost goodbye. So many characters are gone, and Dany’s descent into madness was insane (pun intended.) Tonight will likely subvert many expectations, but it will probably also have some of the most beautiful moments in the series. Here are live reactions to the episode, reviewing the biggest moments. Refresh for the latest updates.

That intro will always stir strong emotions in me. I can’t believe we’re here at the end and this is the last time I’ll see the intro at the beginning of a new episode. Here we go.

At the get go, I am feeling amazed and in awe about the darkness and fire that has destroyed King’s Landing. Whether or not I agree with how Dany’s madness was portrayed, the devastation is beautifully and hauntingly shot. Davos and Jon join Tyrion.

The cinematography is amazing.

Tyrion is going to the Red Keep to see Dany. No one has that kind of bravery.

Grey Worm sentences the armies that surrendered to die. WHAT? Apparently Dany wants all of Cersei’s armies dead, even though they tried to surrender. The specter of Dany’s absence is strong here.

Tyrion comes to the Red Keep, and the destruction makes my heart race. It is so reminiscent of Dany’s vision. He is looking for Jaime and Cersei, true to his sibling bond to the end. He sees a hand in the rubble. Ugh, this makes my heart hurt. He digs out the last of his family, crying. I’m heartbroken for him. Ugh I never thought I’d feel bad about Cersei dying, but this show did the impossible. And poor Brienne when she learns the news. :(

That shot of the Targaryen banner over the Red Keep. WOW.

The shot of Drogon flying over the Red Keep was amazing. His wings behind Dany are like she’s an angel of death. When she stands over King’s Landing… Oh my gosh, I can barely breathe. Her armies may be larger than I think they should be, but they show that a dark wildness has come to King’s Landing. Every time Drogon roars, my heart races.

Daenerys now wants to liberate the entire world, and believes she is destroying tyrants. But she is one herself. Power has gone to her head, the blood of the dragon burns in her veins. This is a momentous scene and I’m honestly in awe of it. I can put aside my misgivings about her character’s turn to enjoy this moment and be terrified by it.

Can I just say that my heart is literally racing while Dany and Tyrion talk and he abdicates being Hand of the King? Oh my gosh… This scene is destroying my health.

After Jon and Dany exchange looks, I can’t help but think that Dany is bringing a Long Night foretold, not the Night King.

And then a wild Arya appears, kind of out of nowhere. She’s good at that. It was almost comical, and I kind of needed that, even though their conversation is serious.

The scene between Jon and Tyrion while Tyrion is in prison reminds me of when Tyrion was in prison before in King’s Landing. And Tyrion right now has some of the best dialogue I’ve heard from him this season. I like the touch of Tyrion asking Jon about what death is like.

I honestly love that Jon is defending Daenerys, because that shows complexity. And Tyrion’s question about if Jon would have done the same, since he too felt the power of riding on a dragon’s back, was perfect. This is a good bit of dialogue.

Ok, I am loving their dialogue. Tyrion speaking about how he loves Daenerys too, but look at his brother and what love does. “Love is the death of duty,” Jon says, quoting Aemon, who gave up his right to rule as a Targaryen by taking the black. The callback to Aemon was perfect.

And I LOVE the scene of Drogon protecting the Red Keep, lying under the snow hidden, and then letting Jon pass.

Daenerys walks to the Iron Throne in a scene that is almost identical to the vison Dany had in Season 2. It’s not quite identical, as the roof was still in place in Dany’s vision, just torn apart with holes at the top.  This is so beautiful and haunting. But this time, instead of speaking to a vision of Khal Drogo, she speaks to Jon Snow.

The scene with Dany and Jon breaks my heart. Dany asks Jon to be with her and promises they will build a new, good world. But Jon does not believe her definition of good is necessarily good. Dany asks him to break the wheel with her. “You are my Queen, now and always,” Jon says, and they kiss.


JON STABS DAENERYS. What the heck, we are only 39 minutes into the episode.



Drogon roars while Jon weeps. I am so confused and heartbroken.

Drogon approaches. Oh my gosh I want to cry for the dragon. He has lost all his family. He destroys the Iron Throne and flies away with Dany. I am almost more heartbroken for Drogon than Jon. Oh my gosh, I want to cry. :(

The Dragonpit scene gives my heart a chance to slow down. The leaders are going to choose a new king or queen so they can decide how to punish Jon Snow.

Sam asks the question we’re all thinking. “Why just us?” Everyone laughs when he suggests a democracy. Honestly, I think that Davos would make the best king. Or Gendry. Or Sansa.

But Tyrion suggests Bran the Broken because he has the best story… Wait, what? Bran has no humanity left as the Three-Eyed Raven. He can’t have kids. He has a good story. So yeah, that’s the basis of Tyrion’s suggestion.

This is not what I was expecting…

Oh and look, Gendry is there! Why didn’t anyone suggest him?

Sansa says the North will remain an independent kingdom. Good call. I’m reeling about this Bran thing.

Bran decides that Jon must join the Night’s Watch. There’s no Night King, but there still needs to be a place for bastards and orphans and the like. Jon can’t get married or have children. So there goes the Targaryen line I guess. I’m conflicted, but I guess that was a wise choice so the Unsullied army is satisfied sort of.

Jon bows to Bran and says goodbye to his sisters. I’m starting to think that since emotions destroyed the last few kings and queens, maybe Bran’s not such an awful pick.

I loved the scene of Brienne writing a page of Jaime.  And the scene of presenting the book to Tyrion.

I’m surprised at myself, but I’m liking this episode. The dialogue is sharper and funny at the end. :)

Honestly, my heart sang out when Jon was reunited with Ghost. :)

…More to come.

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