‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 6 Spoilers & Predictions: Will Daenerys Live or Die in the Finale?


Will Daenerys live, die, or take the Iron Throne in the Season 8 Episode 6 finale of Game of Thrones? Here are the major predictions and leaks for the episode. This post will have MAJOR spoilers for Season 8 Episode 6 if any of these theories or predictions come to pass, so only read on if you are OK with possibly being spoiled on major plot twists. 

There are so many theories and predictions and rumors about Daenerys’ ultimate end, and it’s tough to know what to believe or what could be accurate. Here are the biggest theories so far.

One theory is that Daenerys will go on trial. Some leaks that are being passed around are saying a major trial might happen. Some fans think the trial will be for Daenerys. If a trial does happen, there might be judges or representatives from each of the Seven Kingdoms. This could mean the return of Robin Arryn representing the Vale. Other people possibly representing the Seven Kingdoms would include Sansa (the North), Edmure Tully (Riverlands), Gendry (Stormlands), Bronn (the Reach), new Prince of Dorne, Yara (Iron Islands.) This is all a guess, however, with the idea of the Westerlands being left out.

Most fans think Daenerys will definitely be dying. If Mad King Aerys had to be killed, then Dany would too, they say. But if that’s the case, the theory that Jaime would do it is long over.

Some fans think it will be Arya, because of how stunned she was after seeing the destruction of King’s Landing, including the mom and child that she had tried to help. The theory predicts that Arya will use her Faceless Men skills to steal a face that will let her get close to Daenerys while she has her guard down, likely Tyrion’s or Grey Worm’s. (Although Jon Snow could be a possibility.) Some fans take the theory one step further and believe that Arya will then wear Daenerys’ face for a while and rule, finally handing the throne over to someone else.

Others believe it will be Jon Snow who kills Daenerys, forced to do so out of honor and suffering deeply as a result. We know he struggled with having to kill Olly, so killing Daenerys would be that much worse for him.

Still others think it will be Sansa, but I just don’t see that one happening at all. Sansa does strategy, not hand-to-hand combat of any sort.

My personal favorite theory (that won’t be happening) is that Tormund would kill Daenerys (I have no idea how he comes back) and then Ghost sits on the throne at the end. Hey, I warned you that it wasn’t realistic!

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