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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Finale Live

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The night is dark and full of spoilers, but now our watch has almost ended. If you are looking for details about who might live and die in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6, then this post is for you. But beware: if any of these are correct, then they could be relevant for either tonight or next week. However, two major sources of leaks are providing contradictory information for the show’s ending. Read on for more details. This article will potentially have MAJOR death spoilers for Season 8 Episode 6 (including possible deaths) if any of these leaks, rumors, or predictions are correct.

Cast Spoilers for ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 6


The biggest cast rumor is the appearance of Toby Osmond, a new cast member appearing for the first time. The rumor is that Toby Osmond might be cast as the new Prince of Dorne. Two weeks ago we heard, simply in passing, that the Prince of Dorne had pledged his fealty to Daenerys. Unconfirmed rumors are that Osmond will be playing that role. Early rumors placed him in Episode 5, which did not happen.

Winter is Coming predicted he is the Prince of Dorne, possibly featured in a scene filmed in Seville, Spain at the Dragonpit location. A leak states that the Dragonpit scene will feature someone wearing golden armor or a golden outfit. Osmond described his role as being “royal,” which leads more to the idea of being the Prince of Dorne. With Oberyn Martell killed by the Mountain and Doran Martell and Trystane killed by the Sand Snakes, the Martell family is gone. Osmond is likely playing either the member of a new ruling family or perhaps Qentyn Martell, another son of Doran mentioned in the books but not in the show.

In the screenshot above, Osmond described himself as having “completed filming a great royal role in the next (and final) series of an epic network fantasy saga (airing Spring 2019.)”

There’s also been a rumor that Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) would be in the last episode. He’s been on the cast list this season, but hasn’t yet appeared.

We know for certain that at least one more cast member will be joining the show in the finale — someone we haven’t seen yet on the show. The Instagram account got_direwolves shared this:


Some leaks may also indicate that Robin Arryn will be back in this episode, representing the Vale.

There was also a rumor that Catelyn Stark might make a cameo, more likely in a flashback than as the long-awaited Lady Stoneheart. According to this Reddit post (warning: it’s in a spoiler heavy subreddit), a comment deleted from Watchers on the Wall noted that some Irish websites reported that Michelle Fairley would be making an appearance in Episode 3. That did not happen, so the chances of a later appearance grow less and less likely.

Death Predictions, Spoilers & Theories Roundup

Numerous spoilers and leaks have surfaced about who will live and who will die over the final two episodes, along with plenty of theories from fans. New spoilers have released just this week and they’re contradicting other spoilers, so no one’s really sure who to believe (or if any of them are accurate.) Still, below could be major death spoilers if any of these are accurate. 

The Jon Snow & Dany Leak: 


One major leak that’s been circulating predicts that Jon will kill Daenerys after her descent into madness. This has been circulating since before the season aired. The original source of the leak was an anonymous poster on Reddit’s Freefolk subreddit here. (Note: this subreddit is spoiler heavy and does not warn before spoilers.)

The poster listed a number of leaks for Episode 3 that were accurate, except for a prediction that Arya would leap from a tree, which she did not. The poster also inaccurately predicted that Jon would kill undead Viserion, which he did not. So can they be trusted? There’s a twist to that question. This poster said their leaks for Episode 3 came from his brother, who was on the crew. However, their leak about Jon Snow and Dany came from a rumor his brother heard but did not see himself, unlike Episode 3. The poster recently wrote: “It is entirely possible that it was a false ending that they filmed. This definitely isn’t 100% and my brother is useless and doesn’t know anymore either, sorry!”

The throwaway account also wrote: “Yeah so he spent 6 months working in Ireland and he didn’t work on any of the King’s Landing bits. He only heard about the Dany part from a friend on another unit so it’s not something he saw himself and, as it got posted online at the time, it could have changed and they may have filmed several different scenes to prevent leaks so I wouldn’t count on it being true!”

Some other rumors indicate that Jon will be so depressed over Daenerys that he will return north to join friends like Tormund and Ghost. This is one twist I could be happy with if it happened, because I’d love to see Ghost and Jon reunited.

The Tyrion Leak: 


There’s also a big theory/leak going around that Tyrion is going to be in a trial in the finale and will be killed at the end of the trial. This is from a leaker named Friki whose leaks are often posted on the subreddit Freefolk and are somewhat reliable. Some believe this leak was actually about Varys and someone just got the wrong character name.

If the trial happens, another leak says that there will be a judge or representative from each of the Seven Kingdoms. This could mean the return of Robin Arryn representing the Vale. Other people possibly representing the Seven Kingdoms would include Sansa (the North), Edmure Tully (Riverlands), Gendry (Stormlands), Bronn (the Reach), new Prince of Dorne, Yara (Iron Islands.) This is all a guess, however, with the idea of the Westerlands being left out.

There are two major leakers that fans get information from, and they go by the names Frikidoc (Jose Senaris Romay) and Afraidpart. Their leaks are shared frequently in the spoiler heavy subreddit called freefolk. Both of these leakers have contradictory details about the trial. Friki has said that Tyrion will be executed, while Afraidpart has said that Tyrion will become the Hand of the King to whoever ultimately sits on the Throne. It’s fascinating and I can’t help but wonder if this points to the filming of two different endings.

As a little background, Frikidoc is a surgeon and part-time TV writer in Spain. He’s been posting spoilers since 2016. Still, the accuracy of his latest spoilers is hotly debated. He hasn’t been right 100 percent of the time.

Another possibility, however, is that the trial will be about Daenerys, not Tyrion.

Arya Predictions


Some fans are predicting that Arya is going to kill Daenerys, just like she killed the Night King. They think she’s going to add Daenerys to her list and the “green eyes” in Melisandre’s prophecy referred to Dany. (In the books Dany had violet eyes, but this wouldn’t be the first major shift. Bran’s would-be assassin was someone different in the books, according to GRRM’s plans, and not Littlefinger as shown in the show.) Some think she will steal someone’s face to do it.

Others believe Arya won’t do any of the above, but in the end she will leave and travel west of Westeros, to explore regions never explored before. She did talk about the idea in Season 6 at 4:33 below.

Game of Thrones 6×08 – Lady Crane helps AryaGame of Thrones 6×08 Lady Crane helps Arya2016-06-13T02:35:25.000Z

Bran Stark Leaks

Remember when I talked about the two contradictory leaks? Well, there’s more to it. Afraidpart has said that Bran will end up being king and take the Iron Throne somehow, perhaps by people voting for him. (This makes no sense to me, because who would vote for Bran over Sansa or Gendry and whyyyy.) Meanwhile, Frikidoc, another major source of leaks, insists this is not the case. He says Tyrion won’t die and he won’t be the Hand of the King to Bran because Bran won’t be the King. You can see more tweets from Frikidoc below:

Frikidoc did correctly predict Jon and Davos walking through burned bodies for last week.

Some fans believe that Bran Stark somehow warged into Daenerys and accounted for her madness. One viewer noted that there were ravens around the Red Keep when Dany was staring at it. You certainly can see some kind of bird around the Red Keep:


Is it possible Bran is to blame for her madness, just like many believe he is to blame for King Aerys’ madness? We didn’t see anyone warged into Dany during the up-close shot right before her mad fire spree, but once she started burning indiscriminately we never saw a closeup of her again.

The Spanish Happy Ending Leaks Were Fake

Just last week, a counter leak presented itself on r/freefolk that was written in Spanish. It seemed to match some official HBO Mother’s Day cards that were released on May 9, including one that showed Dany with a sword. These “happier ending” leaks said Daenerys was not going mad and she and Jon will reconcile. The leaks are much more detailed than that and compilations can be read here. We know from Episode 5 that they were fake.

And yet another set of contradicting leaks: 

Meanwhile, another Redditor posted leaks that he later deleted because he “likes his job too much.” Those leaks were saved here, but they were proven fake. They said, in a nutshell, that Daenerys won’t turn mad, Yara would be in Episode 5 and her forces would attack on land and water, we’d see two more Bran flashbacks, Melisandre would still be relevant somehow, and someone other than Dany will control Drogon at some point. The Episode 5 leaks in the set did not come to pass, so I doubt we’ll see any others for the finale.

EW reported that secrecy for Episode 6 was so extreme that only people with special badges were allowed on set and some scenes were even filmed on a closed set. In addition, I’ve heard rumors that HBO has shot multiple endings and multiple deaths, so leaks we do hear may or may not be accurate. This is exactly what The Walking Dead has done before to prevent deaths from leaking for premieres, so it’s entirely possible that HBO would do that too. With that in mind, you can decide for yourself if the leaks and death predictions above were accurate or not.

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