Are Gilly, Samwell Tarly, & Baby Sam Done on Game of Thrones Season 8? Will They Return for GoT Finale?

With only one episode left before the series finale of “Game of Thrones,” character arcs and storylines are coming to a close and fans are having to say goodbye to some of their favorites. After last week’s episode, fans were left wondering if Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and Baby Sam are done on the show.

Beware of series spoilers below.

During episode 4, Samwell revealed to Jon that he and Gilly were expecting a baby, and were leaving Winterfell. They also told Sam that, if the baby was a boy, they wanted to name him Jon. He and Jon shared a touching goodbye that, after seasons of their friendship and Jon “always coming back” to Sam, the scene and its dialogue really made it seem like that was the last time viewers would get to see Sam and Jon together. Moreover, it suggested that that could have been the last scene in the series for Sam, Gilly, and baby Sam.

After the episode aired last week, John took to Twitter to reflect on the scene between Jon and Sam, suggesting that that scene might actually have been the end of Samwell’s story. He wrote “It may seem like an odd thing to say, but I loved these two characters so much. Outside of Kit and me and everything else, I just loved them and what they shared. And it really does hurt to say goodbye.” This could, however, just be confirmation that Jon and Sam will not see each other again, rather than confirmation that Sam’s story concluded entirely with that brief scene.

It seemed as though the expectant trio would be headed to Horn Hill, which belongs to Samwell’s family. Since his father Randyll and brother Dickon were executed by Daenerys after refusing to bend the knee, his sister should currently by Lady of Horn Hill. Although Sam technically relinquished all claims to his titles, he is the only remaining man in his house and therefore could end up taking over a Lord of Horn Hill. After all, the Night’s Watch is more or less non-existent after the Night King burned the wall and the White Walkers are no longer a threat. Plus, Sam already broke the “father no children” part of his Night’s Watch vows, so why would he honor the vow that says he cannot claim any titles.

If this is the end of Samwell’s story, fans who predicted he had a bigger role to play will be disappointed. Because of his training as a maester and the intellectuality he has always possessed as a character, some predicted that he might write “The Song of Ice and Fire,” a history of what happened over these past 8 seasons of the show so that it would always be remembered. Bran’s comments about the Night King wanting to destroy him because he was the one with all the mysteries felt like another clue that Sam would be the George RR Martin-type figure at the show’s end.

Fans will have to wait until the finale next week to know if Samwell has any last-minute roles to play as the show comes to an end. And if he doesn’t appear on screen during that final episode, fans can hopefully take comfort in the fact that he and Gilly are living happily ever after with his remaining family, Gilly, baby Sam, and the new baby she is pregnant with.

Tune in to the series finale of Game of Thrones, Sunday, May 19, at 9pm on HBO.

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