Hannah Godwin Is NOT the New Bachelorette

Hannah Godwin The Bachelor


Hannah Godwin was not cast as the 2019 Bachelorette, despite making it to the Final 3 on the last season of The Bachelor, which featured Colton Underwood. Godwin was unfortunately snubbed by Underwood right before her overnight date with him, after Underwood hopped a fence and went chasing after Cassie Randolph, who actually snubbed him the night before, when she told him she wasn’t in love with him and left the show.

Although Hannah Godwin was primed to be the No. 1 choice for The Bachelorette, she was overlooked by the Bachelor Nation producers (for reasons only they can explain), and Hannah Brown was actually cast for the role.

Fans were shocked that Hannah G. wasn’t chosen as the next Bachelorette, especially considering she was given the first impression rose of the season. Underwood pulled Godwin aside to give her the very first rose of the 23rd season, telling her she reminded him “a lot of home.” He said he was nervous, and could tell she was too, but was impressed with how she “owned her nervousness,” and said loved her energy.

In seasons past, those who receive the honor of the first impression rose and don’t end up with a ring on their finger have often gone on to be the franchise’s next star of The Bachelorette, which is what makes it so surprising that Hannah G. wasn’t cast. For example: Rachel Lindsay, Becca Kufrin, Jojo Fletcher, and Katlin Bristowe were all cast on The Bachelorette following their exits from The Bachelor.

Hannah G. was a fan favorite throughout the season, and the self-described content creator already had nearly 80K followers on Instagram before appearing on The Bachelor. Since then, she’s gained over 900K more, bringing her following up to a whopping 1 million. If her following on social media is any indication of her dedicated fan base, she would have easily raked in high audience numbers if she had been cast as the next Bachelorette, a concept that the producers of the show usually take seriously.

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For those who need a refresher about Godwin, she described her job with a series of fun facts about herself on her website. She mentioned that she originally went to school to be a photographer and came out with a Business Marketing degree, and that she started modeling in 2013. “I consider myself to be Hannah,” she wrote on her site. She is someone “who happens to like the creative aspect of social media [and] modeling in general!”

She modeled on the side and then combined all of her talents into one job as an “influencer.” She already had tens of thousands of followers on her Instagram account before the show started, and that number skyrocketed following the premiere of The Bachelor this season, as mentioned above.

The fact that Hannah B. was cast as the next Bachelorette is almost like a second slap in the face to Hannah G., (according to her fans), who actually lost to Hannah B. for the title of Miss Alabama several years ago. Although Hannah G. took the loss with grace, and made it further on The Bachelor than Hannah B. did, it can’t have felt good to watch Hannah B. “win” once again.

Crowning of Hannah Brown, Miss Alabama USA 2018Crowning of Hannah Brown, Miss Alabama USA 20182017-11-07T23:47:42.000Z

As a complete, polar-opposite to Hannah G., Hannah B., who often called herself “Hannah Beast,” was a spitfire drama-queen throughout the 23rd season of The Bachelor, all the way up until she was sent home.

The network loved to promote her crazy feuds and fights (especially with Caeylynn) and her dramatic approach to winning over Underwood, and it appeared as though she was ready to do whatever the producers wanted her to do to get more screen time. Her drama and attitude translated into higher ratings, which might explain why they went with her over Hannah G., who primarily tried to keep away from the drama and just focused on building a relationship with Underwood.

What do you think about Hannah B. as the newest Bachelorette? Do you think Hannah G. should have been cast, or are you pleased with the choice? Let us know in the comments below and tune in tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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