How Many Direwolves Are Left on ‘Game of Thrones’?


The direwolves are a huge part of Game of Thrones – or at least they used to be. They appeared in the pilot and one direwolf puppy was given to each Stark child. Some theorize that the direwolves were “activated” because the white walkers were starting to move south. Is Ghost now the last of the direwolves or are there more? Here’s a quick look at how many direwolves are left on Game of ThronesThis post will have spoilers for the end of the Season 8 Episode 6 finale. 

More Direwolves Might Live North of the Wall

In the books we are told that when the Starks find the direwolves, no one had seen a direwolf south of the Wall for hundreds of years. It’s a big deal, but it doesn’t mean those pups were the only direwolves. Their mom was dead, but their dad still lived somewhere out in the world of Planetos. And we’ve heard that direwolves still roam north of the wall, so there could be more direwolves out there that we’ve never met.

So we can take comfort in believing more direwolves are north of the Wall. But out of the Stark direwolves, only Ghost and Nymeria are left.

Grey Wind the Direwolf Died


Grey Wind was Robb Stark’s direwolf. He was a war dog and accompanied the Stark army to the south. He was one of the many killed during the Red Wedding. Arya saw his head being paraded around. Grey Wind’s death was heart-wrenching.

Lady the Direwolf Died


Lady was Sansa Stark’s direwolf and the first direwolf to die. When Arya’s wolf cub attacked Joffrey, she was going to be killed. But she ran away, and Sansa’s direwolf Lady was killed instead. Robert Baratheon ordered Lady’s death.

Shaggydog the Direwolf Died

HBOShaggydog is on the left

Shaggydog was Rickon’s direwolf and constant companion until the Umbers delivered Rickon to Ramsay Bolton. The Umbers killed Shaggydog and gave his head to Ramsay.

Summer the Direwolf Died


Summer was Bran’s direwolf. Summer was savagely killed by the White Walkers, defending his master.

Ghost & Nymeria Are the Last Stark Direwolves Left


Ghost and Nymeria are the last direwolves left that belonged to the Starks. Arya saw Nymeria briefly last season in a touching reunion. Arya knew that Nymeria had to live wild, as she had a spirit similar to Arya’s.


Ghost is Jon Snow’s direwolf and he is still alive and strong. He’s an albino direwolf with red eyes. He is with Jon at the Wall and stayed by his master’s side, even when Jon Snow was dead for a while. Ghost is still alive and well north of the Wall with Tormund. Jon sent him there so he’d be safe after surviving the Battle of Winterfell. And now they’ve been reunited.

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