Is Cersei Really Pregnant on ‘Game of Thrones’? Who’s the Father?


Cersei’s pregnancy was a big topic of conversation on Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4, and now fans are wondering if she’s really pregnant. And who’s the father? Read on for the top theories. This post will have spoilers for Season 8 Episode 4. 

Throughout the episode, Euron made a few comments about Cersei’s baby and how she’s going to have his and Cersei’s child. This has been an obsession of Euron’s for some reason, maybe partially as a power play.

But before Jaime left Winterfell in Season 7, Cersei had told him that she was pregnant with his child. And she told Tyrion the same. Back then, she wouldn’t drink wine because of her pregnancy. But in a scene this season with Euron, she was drinking wine while he told her he was going to put a baby in her belly. She actually looked pretty sad after that scene, while she was drinking her wine.

So is she pregnant or not? Fans are divided.

It’s very doubtful that she would already be pregnant with Euron’s child. That would be a really fast pregnancy. The main question is whether or not she was lying to Tyrion and Jaime when she said she was pregnant with Jaime’s child.

I’m guessing she wasn’t lying, but has since lost the child (thus why she’s now drinking alcohol again.) My guess could easily be wrong, however.

There was an interesting moment at the end of the episode when Tyrion pleaded with Cersei not to start a war because of the baby she’s pregnant with. Some fans thought that was a poor choice on Tyrion’s part to base his argument on, since Cersei hasn’t cared about her children that much in quite awhile. Remember, she wasn’t even heartbroken enough about Tommen after he killed himself. She seemed to get over it a little too quickly.

There’s a theory going around that Tyrion had a different reason for giving that speech – to drive a wedge between her and Euron.


You see, if she’s pregnant with Euron’s child then there is no reason for Tyrion to know that unless he had spies at King’s Landing. So that speech will give Euron a reason to doubt Cersei and consider that maybe she’s pregnant with another man’s child, not his. That could create chaos and as we all know, chaos is a ladder.

My personally theory is that Cersei is no longer pregnant or she never was (hence the drinking of wine.) She’s stringing Euron along with hopes of a pregnancy, but Euron will see through that after this strange plea from Tyrion.