Is Clarke Dead on ‘The 100’? [Season 6 Episode 5]

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Fans are wondering if Clarke’s dead on The 100, now that The Gospel of Josephine (Season 6 Episode 5) has aired. And the answer is complicated. Read on for details and top theories. This post has major spoilers for Season 6 Episode 5 of The 100. 

Fans are wondering if this is the last we’ve seen of Clarke on The 100. Is she dead? The answer is that she certainly appears to be dead, but looks can be deceiving on this show.

When Josephine revealed to Murphy that the mind drive had killed Clarke and overwritten her mind with Josephine’s, it was a shock to hear. She told Murphy very matter-of-factly: “Clarke’s dead.” But is she really?

As far as the people of Sanctum know, Clarke’s dead. And since Josephine appears to be a talented (but ethically questionable) scientist, she would know, right? Gabriel, her boyfriend, worked for 25 years until he found the right way to overwrite a mind with a mind on the mind drive. It requires that the recipient have night blood, a matured brain that can handle the rewrite, and they must be conscious while the transfer is happening. All the Primes at Sanctum seem to have no knowledge of any way to reverse the process.

Here’s what the Mind Drive looks like. (Note how much bigger it is than the other chip tech, indicating it’s an earlier version of the same techology.)

The CWMind Drive

Mind Drive

Here’s a question to ponder: Do the Sanctum Primes really not know of a way to reverse a mind wipe? Or did they simply never investigate this because it ran counter to their desire for immortality?

We’ve seen two chips before on this show. The Flame is an advanced chip that stores many commanders’ minds on one chip to help guide the person possessing it. The echoes of the Commanders can still be communicated with by the person who possesses the chip, and their minds don’t overlap that Commander’s mind.

The Flame is technically ALIE 2.0, a chip created by Becca that holds the consciousnesses of all previous commanders.

The 100The Flame

Becca had to alter her own blood to become nightblood capable of receiving the chip. So that chip certainly has the means to allow the current chip recipient to communicate without being overwritten, unlike the mind drive on Sanctum.

Meanwhile ALIE 1.0 was a sentient AI that created the City of Light where people could live in a virtual world pain-free. However, those people also became robots and “slaves” so to speak. ALIE could erase many of their memories that were painful, essentially changing who they are. Apparently this mind-wipe ability also exists in the mind drive. People could only reach the City of Light after ingesting a chip that looks remarkably similar to the Flame (and the mind wipe drive.) Much like ALIE 2.0, the chip integrates with the brain stem and lets them communicate with ALIE 1.0 and the City of Light.

The CWALIE 1.0 City of Light Chip

In previous seasons, we learned that the ALIE 1.0 chip could only be removed with an EMP, but in some cases parts of the digital code remain and can be very dangerous.

Interestingly, while ALIE 1.0 chips can be received by anyone, ALIE 2.0 chips (much like the mind drive) can only be received by nightbloods, and removal seems to have fewer ill effects.

Because of all of this, I’m going to assume that Clarke isn’t truly dead, but the Sanctum Primes think she is because they don’t know about Becca’s other chips. If Clarke is truly dead, this might cause a previously saved version of her consciousness to be saved in the Flame chip. Since these chips can likely integrate somehow (they were created by the same person), I’m going to bet that Clarke’s former consciousness will be retrievable and Jo’s mind will be wiped from Clarke, much like Clarke’s mind was wiped, and Clarke’s former mind will replace it.

Now, I could be wrong. Gaia said the Flame couldn’t have Clarke’s mind because Clarke was still alive. So it’s possible that Clarke as we know her is gone forever. Perhaps instead they will find a way to meld Clarke and Josephine, creating a new person altogether. But I’m going to bet that the Flame chip holds the key in making sure Clarke’s not dead forever.

This is a developing story and I’ll update this as we know more.


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