Jenelle Evans’ Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Instagram Jenelle has three children - Jace, Kaiser and Ensley, and is currently married to husband David Eason. Her mother has custody of her oldest son Jace.

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason have been under intense scrutiny after her husband was accused of killing their family dog Nugget last Tuesday. Fans and animal activists alike have been calling for Evans’ removal from the MTV reality series Teen Mom 2 and have been demanding Eason be arrested.

With Evans at the center of such a significant controversy, all eyes are focused on her family, and fans may be curious about her personal life. Here’s what we know about Evans’ kids, husband and family:

1. She Has Three Children From Three Different Fathers

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Evans first rose to fame after she appeared on the MTV series 16 and Pregnant. She has three children – Jace Evans, Kaiser Griffith and Ensley Eason; each of her children have different fathers.

She gave birth to Jace when she was just 16-years-old on August 2, 2009, and eventually signed over custody of her son to her mother. Evans continued to party after having her first child, and relied heavily on her mother to help her raise her son.

She shares Kaiser Griffith with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith, with whom she has been embroiled in a heated custody battle with for months. She and current husband David Eason share Evans’ youngest daughter Ensley. Ensley is 2-years-old, Kaiser is 4, and Jace is 9.

2. Her Mother Barb Was Granted Permanent Custody of Evans’ Son Jace in 2017

Fans of Teen Mom 2 and 16 and Pregnant are already familiar with Barb, as she’s been part of the show for several years. She and Jenelle have had a contentious relationship throughout the years; she was actually granted permanent custody of Jenelle’s son Jace, and has had him since he was an infant, according to Teen Mom Wiki.

“As of 2017, Barbara has been granted permanent custody of Jace, making it legally impossible for Jenelle to regain custody at any point in time,” Teen Mom Wiki reports. “She also has custody of her daughter Ashley’s son, Gabe.”

Barb doesn’t get along with Jenelle’s current husband, David Eason, and as a result was not permitted to spend much time with her other grandchildren, according to Teen Mom Wiki.

3. Her Husband is Currently Under Investigation For Animal Cruelty After Allegedly Killing Her Dog

David Eason

InstagramDavid Eason, Jenelle Evans’ husband, is reportedly under investigation for animal cruelty after he allegedly shot and killed Evans’ dog Tuesday afternoon.

Eason is accused of killing the Teen Mom 2 star’s dog Tuesday afternoon, according to Radar Online, who reports that a “frantic” call was made to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department Tuesday afternoon. According to Radar, the authorities quickly responded to the call and visited Evans’ home to investigate the incident.

A source reportedly told Us Weekly that Eason allegedly shot and killed Nugget after the dog “nipped” at the couple’s two-year-old daughter Ensley. Eason defended himself and his actions on his Instagram page (which has now been either deactivated or taken down), claiming it wasn’t the first time Nugget had “bit Ensley aggressively.”

David Eason, Jenelle Evans

InstagramEason’s daughter Ensley after Nugget nipped her in the cheek.

Eason posted a video and a series of photos featuring their 2-year-old daughter on the social media site with the caption “I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face,” he captioned the clip. “Whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that s—t at all. I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me.”

TMZ reports that Eason is now under investigation for animal cruelty after the Attorney General’s Office received 138 complaints about the incident. The Attorney General’s Office referred the complaints to Animal Control after review, and also informed the Columbus County Sheriff.

4. Eason Has Had Violent Outbursts Before & Reportedly Nearly Broke Evans’ Collarbone Back in October

Jenelle Evans Hysterical 911 Call Reveals Husband David Eason Attacked Her | TMZJenelle Evans was hysterical as she called 911 to report her husband, David Eason, attacked her at their home, allegedly pinning her down so violently she felt her collarbone crack. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public…2018-10-19T17:15:00.000Z

This isn’t the first time a call has been placed to police, regarding Eason. According to Newsweek, Evans went to a hospital back in October after Eason allegedly attacked her in the yard of their North Carolina home.

Audio of Evan’s 911 call was released, in which the mother-of-three claimed Eason had “pinned” her to the ground so hard that she could hear her “collarbone crack.” You can listen to the chilling 911 call above.

During the call, Evans states that her husband had been drinking and at some point Evans claims he “pinned [her] down on the ground” in the yard. “And I think I heard my f–king collarbone crack,” Evans says hysterically. “And I can’t move my arms.”

Although the ambulance was canceled, Evans still checked herself into the hospital following the incident. Authorities also confirmed receiving a call from her home, but no arrests or charges were made. However, after the 911 call was released to the public, she claimed that the whole thing was a “drunken misunderstanding.

5. Her Mother Barb Received Backlash After Jokingly Threatening to Kill Kailyn Lowry

Evans’ mother Barbara recently came under fire after an Instagram video of Barb ranting about Kailyn Lowry went viral. In the video, Barb can be heard threatening to kill Lowry, which caused Lowry to quit filming Teen Mom 2 until something is done about Evans’ mom.

In the rant, which was captured on a live Instagram video, Barbara was heard yelling, “Let’s get the boxed wine out,” before suggesting she, Jenelle, and Briana DeJesus’ sister Brittany DeJesus should “get lit and we’ll go kill Kail.” They laughed before Jenelle told her mom, “Oh, my god, we’re on live, Mom. You can’t say that s—t.”

The video prompted a call from one of the Teen Mom producers, who was seen telling Barbara off in another video Jenelle posted. “Everybody took it out of perspective,” Barbara said after ending the call with the producer. “That’s not really what I meant. I was just doing a joke.”

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