Jon Snow & Ghost Reunion Memes From the Game of Thrones Finale

Ghost on Game of Thrones

HBO Ghost on Game of Thrones

As the Game of Thrones finale drew to a close, fans of the series were anxiously awaiting the return of one of the series’ favorite and least-represented characters: Jon Snow’s direwolf Ghost.

Beware of season 8 finale spoilers below.

In episode 4, Jon said goodbye to his wildling friend Tormund and asked him to take Ghost North of the Wall with him. Fans quickly reacted to this plot point on Twitter, angry that the showrunners would let Jon abandon his loyal companion so easily. Social media was quickly flooded with memes about how Ghost deserved better, but fans stayed hopeful that Ghost would return before the series ended.

After Jon was sentenced to serve in the Night’s Watch, a reunion between Jon and Ghost suddenly seemed possible again. In the final minutes of the episode, once Jon reached The Wall and locked eyes with Tormund, it became apparent that he should once again return to his roots and reconnect with his direwolf, with whom he started the journey in the show’s pilot episode.

When their reunion finally happened and Jon pet his beloved Ghost, viewers understandably went nuts on Twitter. Here are some of the best memes and tweets about their reunion:

For fans that were dissatisfied with the conclusion of the series, @Thrones_Memes shared a still of the reunion, featuring a rare smile from Jon Snow as he affectionately greets his loyal pet.

@LEPSKEWES shared the same still on Twitter, paying homage to Jon Snow’s character development across the 8 seasons and acknowledging that after all he’s seen and been through, “Jon is not the Lord Commander, he’s The King Beyond The Wall.”

@deannemistry imagined Jon and Ghost’s life at (and beyond) the Wall by sharing a video of a boy and his dog dancing side-by-side.

The Twitter account @thronesfacts shared a gif of Jon and Ghost’s heartwarming reunion and reflected on the notion that, in his final on-screen moments of the series, “Ghost finally got the love he deserves.”

Earlier in the season, when Jon unceremoniously said goodbye to Ghost with barely even a look in episode 4, fans were very upset that the showrunners would disrespect their relationship in such an unbelievable way, especially after all of the times Ghost stood by Jon and protected him in moments of peril. After all that fan controversy, the tender finale scene between the two did seem a bit like fan service, and @iironicaa suggested in a meme that perhaps Benioff and Weiss added the scene in at the last minute to appease angry viewers.

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