Is Jon Rachel’s Baby Daddy on 90 Day Fiancé? No.

Jon & Rachel 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Jon is not Rachel's daughter Lucy's real father, despite fan speculation that the baby looks like him. Here's what we know about her daughter's real father.

There has been rampant speculation on who the real father of Rachel’s daughter Lucy might be, with many fans wondering if her English husband Jon might actually be the father. The 90 Day Fiancé stars have shut that rumor down, although it still isn’t clear who Lucy’s father actually is.

For those who need a recap, Lucy and Jon met through a karaoke app, and had an instant connection. However, Lucy was already pregnant, and dating the father of her unborn child casually at the time she met Jon, according to Romper. On Before the 90 Days, Rachel explained that she didn’t think Jon would want to be with her because of her past, so she was dating locally (she is in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Jon is in London, England), although her relationship with Lucy’s father didn’t work out.

As far as the man who Rachel was dating before Jon, who actually fathered Lucy, there is very little known about him online, and it looks like Rachel is respecting his privacy enough to not announce his name. However, back in August, a woman claiming to be Lucy’s paternal grandmother tried to expose Rachel, claiming Rachel originally planned to raise the baby with her son and allow Lucy to be part of the family, but that Rachel changed her mind when she met Jon and refused to let her son be part of Lucy’s life.

“I have something [to say] about this so-called woman Rachel,” the woman wrote, according to screenshots obtained by In Touch Weekly. “Rachel led my son on (not that he is without some fault) she purposely led him on to get pregnant (why I have no idea). She has a daughter and my son has [four] sons, they planned on moving in together, rented a house together, [two] days before they were scheduled to move in together she decided not to do it, and then she said he couldn’t go to any more doctor’s appointments, he wanted to be a part of the babies [sic] life. She just took off and wouldn’t respond to his texts.”

“Rachel Bear you are one mean and hateful person,” the woman continued. “You never notified anyone that you had the baby or let anyone be a part of her life, you are a selfish b—–d. You robbed her of meeting any of her family. You endangered her and your other daughter [sic] lives by picking up some guy on the internet.”

Although it appears that Jon is helping Rachel raise the baby (to the best of his long-distance abilities), the two seem to be at odds about whether or not Lucy should call Jon “daddy” or not. During a July, 2018 episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Jon struggled with the idea of Rachel’s baby calling him dada. “When it comes to Lucy, eventually she’s going to start calling me mama and you, dada, papa?” Rachel asked.

“I don’t know,” Jon responded, looking uncomfortable. “I kinda feel like it would be wrong for us to say to her, ‘say, daddy. Here’s your dad. Force her. It’s just my mom and dad split up before I was born. I didn’t have a dad to read me bedtime stories.”

“I don’t think the title matters,” he added. “It’s never going to be a secret that I came into your life later and by teaching her that word it’s almost teaching her something that we’ll have to explain to her later… she just needs to know that I love her.”

But Rachel didn’t agree. “It’s a little confusing that Jon doesn’t want to be called dad because he was there before her birth, during her birth. He pays for her daycare. It’s a little shocking,” she said. “I want her to call him dad because I think that it’s fitting… DNA doesn’t matter.”

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