LISTEN: Joyner Lucas & Logic Team Up for New Song ‘ISIS (ADHD)’

LISTEN: Joyner Lucas & Logic Team for new Song 'ISIS (ADHD)'

YouTube/Joyner Lucas Logic (left) Joyner Lucas (right) team up for Lucas' new song, 'ISIS'

Rappers Joyner Lucas and Logic have teamed up after several years of the two butting heads. The song “ISIS” is a track previewing Joyner Lucas’ upcoming project ADHD.

The song publicly addresses the issues the two had in years prior.

“Nah, nah, what’s beef? Beef is brothers hangin’ over sh*t that never mattered in the first place, lyin’ in the street,” Logic raps in the middle of his first verse, seemingly squashing the issues the two had over the past two years.

At the end of 2017 Lucas came out and said Logic “can rap,” but feels like Logic goes overboard trying to prove that he’s black.

“It just seems like, all his bars, every other bar, every other song, it’s ‘I’m black,'” Lucas told Complex. “Lyrically he’s cool. I mean I don’t hate the guy. It is what it is.”

Although Lucas said he was frustrated with Logic’s habit of announcing his race through his craft, the two now seem to have put their beefs behind him.

On Twitter, Logic posted a clip of the two in the “ISIS” music video with the caption, “What’s beef?”

Lucas also took to Twitter to publicly address the problems the two had over the years. Similar to Logic, Lucas posted the video with the caption, “What’s beef…”

Lucas Back in the Spotlight

Joyner Lucas first entered the hip-hop and the political scene at the end of 2017 when he released the music video for his song, “I’m Not Racist.”

The video features a white man in a “Make America Great Again” hat sitting across from a black man, as they trade verses sharing their perspective on the state of racial affairs in the United States under President Trump.

The video blew up on the Internet and has amassed over 120 million views on YouTube.

After the two subjects of the video share their take on cultural differences between races in modern America, the video shows the two embrace each other as they attempt to do better to understand the other’s perspective.

Although “ISIS” addresses less of a general issue, Lucas hopes his public beef-squashing will garner just as much attention.

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