Kit Harington & Wife Rose Leslie: Happy Couple Not Breaking Up, Wants Kids

Kit Harington wife


Kit Harington and his wife, Rose Leslie, may settle down and start a family now that Game of Thrones is over. And they’re not breaking up, despite vicious rumors later in 2019. The couple, who met on the set of the popular HBO show, does not have children but it’s something that may happen for them in the not-so-distant future. They’ve been seen happily together in public recently, and Leslie has been supporting Harington even while he had to check into rehab after the series ended.

Last year, Harington and Leslie exchanged vows at Rayne Church in Scotland and then celebrated with family and friends at Wardhill Castle, owned by Leslie’s father.

Leslie hasn’t been a part of Game of Thrones since Season 4 and with the final season now over, fans have been wondering if the two will procreate. Based on a new interview, it sounds like having kids will be the next step for the two lovebirds.

Here’s what you need to know:

Harington & Leslie Are Not Breaking Up

In September, rumors started circulating that Harington and Leslie were breaking up. These rumors are not true. Gossip Cop reached out to Harington’s spokesman, who said the two are “are very much happily married.” Any rumors that the stress of rehab was causing a split were untrue.

Harington Opened Up About Wanting to Become a Father in a Recent Interview

Kit Harington wife

While Harington and Leslie haven’t completely opened up about their plans to start a family, Harington recently said that he hopes to become a dad someday.

“I’m always going to be ‘that guy.’ For all its wonderful things, it brings difficult things too. The most important job I’ll ever have is about to finish … Well, not the most. Hopefully, I’ll be a father,” Harington told InStyle in an interview published last month.

This certainly isn’t the first time that Harington has talked about wanting to settle down and have a family. Back in 2015 — before he and Leslie were officially a thing — Harington was asked about his future and about what he wanted out of life.

“Probably, be really nice to everyone, have a couple of kids, get married, and just like, die without bothering anyone,” he told Paris Match.

The timing may be perfect for the duo, who will celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month. According to IMDb, Leslie has a recurring role on The Good Fight but doesn’t appear to have any additional upcoming work. Harington’s schedule is also fairly open, with no “official” credits past his role on Game of Thrones.

Harington Is Excited That His Future Kids Will Be Able to Watch Him & His Wife Fall in Love

Kit Harington wife

It’s no secret that Harington and Leslie fell in love while working on the set of Game of Thrones, not unlike their on-screen characters, Jon Snow and Ygritte. The two started dating in real life, making their on-screen chemistry that much more palpable.

And while things didn’t exactly work out for them on-screen (spoiler alert: Ygritte was killed in Season 4), their off-screen love really blossomed. It’s something for which Harington is grateful.

“It dawned on me, recently. And I have no idea if we will, but say me and Rose do have children. They’ll know. They’ll be able to see the genesis of their parents getting together. Which is quite a wonderful thought, really. I thank the show for everything. But more than anything else, I thank it for introducing me to her,” Harington told GQ Australia back in January.

In late May it was announced that Harington checked into rehab to deal with the stress of Game of Thrones ending, Page Six reported. He needed help with stress and alcohol because the ending of the show hit him so hard. Leslie was supportive of Harington.

A friend told Page Six that she was “extremely supportive” and everyone was giving him the peace and quiet that he needed to recover.

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