Kyle Cooke’s Cheating Scandal on ‘Summer House’

Getty Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke deals with the fallout of his cheating scandal on this week’s Summer House episode. After admitting that he cheated on his girlfriend Amanda Batula at some point in the last year, the couple will sit down and discuss whether or not they want to stay together and work through the scandal.

In the teaser for this week’s episode, Amanda reveals that she told her parents about the scandal. “I told my parents about what happened,” she tells Kyle. “Truthfully, my mom handled it differently than I thought she would. My mom said, she needs to process it. And my dad was like, ‘Kyle’s weak.’ Like, do you know how sh**ty that makes me feel? And how hard that is on me? Knowing that now people are gonna feel differently about you?”

Kyle & Amanda Discuss Their Future on This Week’s ‘Summer House’ Episode

“You put us in this position,” Amanda added. “It’s hard when the two people that raised you, and that you look up to most, are so visibly upset with you, the person I love. My dad said that he doesn’t want to talk about it,”she says. “It was really sh**ty, the conversation I had. OK?”

Kyle responded to Amanda’s comments by saying that he didn’t want a previous mistake to dismantle their relationship. Babe, I feel horrible,” he said. “Just wish — at what point are we gonna have a weekend where something that happened 15 months ago doesn’t ruin it? I just… this is now how I… like, how did we f**king get here?”

Kyle Admitted to Cheating on Amanda During the Season 3 Premiere

Kyle first admitted to cheating on Amanda during the season three premiere. “A year ago, I was on a guys’ trip, I blacked out, and I woke up with a girl in my bed,” he recalled. “I’ve never felt worse in my entire life… To be honest, I had no idea if she knew who I was.”

Currently, it appears that Kyle and Amanda were able to get past the scandal. They got engaged in September 2018, and announced that they plan on getting married in May 2020. During his appearance on Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen, Kyle said that he’s always known that Amanda is the love of his life.

The Couple Are Engaged & Plan to Get Married In May 2020

“Honestly, it’s gonna sound cliché, we went through a lot together, and I’ve always been 99 percent sure,” he said. “But when you go through some of those massive hurdles and speed bumps and you keep it together as a couple, you’re like, ‘Holy crap, life is difficult and she’s the one I want to be with.'”

Amanda, who also appeared on Watch What Happens, told Cohen that she wants to put the whole scandal behind her. “I mean, it happened already. I don’t think it matters if I know who it is or not,” she explained. “I have the ring, I know that he loves me, the world has changed now that he’s serious about me, and I think that’s all that matters.”

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