Liz Chuday: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

liz chuday

America\'s Got Talent Liz Chuday.

Liz Chuday is a comedian and actor who will be performing on season 14 of “America’s Got Talent” on NBC. Chuday, who is also a public relations professional, is from Baltimore. The first episode of the new season of “AGT” will air on Tuesday, May 28, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Here’s what you need to know about “America’s Got Talent” hopeful Liz Chuday:

1. Liz Chuday Appeared on ‘VEEP’ as a Reporter & in Other Extra Roles on TV Shows

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Liz Chuday has appeared on several TV shows and in movies, including the hit HBO comedy “VEEP.” Chuday had several appearances as an extra on the show and was credited as a reporter in the 2015 episode “Tehran,” according to her IMDB page.

Chuday talked about appearing on the Julia Louis-Dreyfus-led show in an interview with BMore Media in 2013. “he show really resonates because of the intellect behind it. It’s funny because it hits close to home. I worked on Capitol Hill. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the writers are abreast of current trends. They’re putting me in different roles and so in one episode I played a senator’s wife. I was a guest at a ballroom event. I was assigned to Ben’s staff,” she told the news organization.”

She added, “All of us have this work because of the incredible talents of one amazing woman: Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She is naturally pretty, very petite, and has great hair that stylists have crafted into a veritable work of art for Season 2. After 15-plus hours on set, she still looks great, remains calm, focused, and treats everyone around her with consideration and respect. The show is partly scripted, part improv, so you really have to have considerable acting chops, which she has in spades. Every time I’m on set and watch her in action, I learn how to be a better actor myself.”

Chuday has also had other TV roles, including as an ER nurse on the short-lived NBC medical drama “Do No Harm.” According to her IMDB profile, she also appeared in the 2019 TV movie “Strong Black Coffee,” and in the 2018 movie “Starlit.” Her other film appearances include “A Line Between All Things,” “Savior,” “Free the Nipple” and “The Factory.”

In addition to being an actor and singer and comedian, Chuday has worked as a model for Wilhemina, according to BMore Beat. She talked about her audition for Wilhemina during the 2013 interview.

“Wilhelmina had told me to ‘dress casually, but reflect your style.’ I wore a pair of tight, black stretch pants, black boots and a long-sleeved silver metallic jersey and a quarter-sleeved fox fur and knit wool ‘jacket’ from the Lori K Boutique in Stevenson Village,” she said. “When I got to the end of the runway I stood there for a second, smiling brightly, then screamed ‘ouch! Apparently this thing bites. Oh, the hazards of being a model.’ With that, I slung the jacket over my shoulder like a pelt.”

She said she made the decision to add in some comedy to the auditon, telling BMore Media, “Absolutely. Something to stand out from the pack. It was a big risk. It would either work, or backfire. You know the ending of that story: As Heidi Klum would put it, ‘You’re in!'”

2. She Turned Her Focus Back to Pursuing a Career in Entertainment After Her Daughter Turned 18

Liz Chuday told BMore Media in 2013 that she began pursuing her career in entertainment in a more serious manner after her now-24-year-old daughter, Olivia, turned 18. “I did musicals in high school. You have to have a support system at home and a flexible job [to make it a career]. You have 18-hour and longer days. I made sacrifices [to raise my daughter]. Now that my daughter turned 18, I feel like it’s my time to get back on track,” she told the news site.

Chuday is a long-time Baltimore resident. She has been divorced from her ex-husband, David Musgrave, since 2014. According to their New York Times wedding announcement, Chuday and Musgrave were married in 1991 in Baltimore when they were both 34. Musgrave was working as a partner at a Baltimore law firm at the time.

3. Chuday Also Runs a Prominent Communications Firm With Clients Ranging From Green Energy Companies to Media Giants to Johns Hopkins Hospital

In addition to her career as an actor, model, singer and comedienne, Chuday runs a successful communications firm, Chuday Communciations, which she started in Baltimore in 1984, according to her Linkedin profile. She wrote about her PR career on Linkedin:

Since 2012, my emphasis has been on the performance arts aspects of communications, working as an actor, model and corporate spokesperson plus continuing work as a free-lance writer. Initially started business offering public relations/marketing/advertising counsel for clients ranging from real estate developers and green energy companies to non-profits and the broadcast industry. Oversaw and managed advertising, marketing and public relations programs and special events for a select number of high-profile clients. Word-of-mouth referrals drove new business. Additionally free-lanced as a print and broadcast journalist, co-hosting, writing and producing a cable show for Comcast. When the 2008 economic Black Swan affected this industry in 2009, I branched out into consulting in the Green Energy space through 2011, working with clients including London-based climate change/clean tech company Irbaris and did new business development in concert with a consulting company affiliated with the then green-energy arm of Chevron

Her, “clients have ranged from CBS Television, Comcast Cablevision, Continental Realty Corp. and Enterprise Homes to The Hay-Adams, Tranzon and The Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins.”

Chuday is also, “a published author and free-lancer whose works have appeared in local, regional and national newspapers and magazines. Also wrote, produced and co-hosted a weekly program on Comcast that ran on area avails of CNN Headline News,” and is “still active as a free-lance writer.”

From 1982 to 1984, Chuday was the assistant director of public relations for The Baltimore Sun newspaper.

4. She Is a New Jersey Native & Graduated From Goucher College

Elizabeth Chuday is a New Jersey native and also lived in the Philadelphia area. According to her wedding announcement in the New York Times, her family is from Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

Chuday graduated from Goucher College with degrees in communications and political science. While at Goucher, Chuday was class president.

5. Chuday Also Performs in a Choral Arts Group Called ‘The Larks’

Liz Chuday is a singer and has performed in a choral arts group in the Baltimore area called “The Larks,” she told BMore Media in 2013.

“The focus is singing in nursing homes or senior centers. Some of these people are catatonic and some of them come out of that state for a brief moment in time,” she said. “When I joined ‘The Larks,’ I realized I needed to step up my game so I got a music theory teacher, Herman Meyer and a voice coach, Phyllis Burg, and they have been so encouraging.”

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