Loren and Alexei Still Together on ’90 Day Fiancé’: Update


Tonight is a 90 Day Fiance special, and fans can’t wait to find out the latest on Loren and Alexei.

The pair met when Loren was on Birthright, and Alexei was her group’s paramedic. Alexei proposed to Loren after just 10 days, and the two decided to save up by moving into Loren’s parent’s house in Florida. Now, they’re married and live together in Miami.

But are they still together? What do we know about their relationship?

Based on their Instagram accounts, Loren and Alexei are certainly still together. In fact, Loren’s Instagram boasts several pics of Alexei. The most recent photo was uploaded on Tuesday, and featured a pic of the two relaxing on the beach. Loren commented on the post, “Hats off to all of you!! We are so thankful and appreciative for all of your comments, support, follows and just YOU! Let’s keep this going! ❤️❤️Love, Loren & Alexey.”

Loren and Alexei also have an active Facebook page where they keep fans updated on the status of their relationship.

Despite the fact that their union looks perfect on social media, the two have admitted that things can sometimes get difficult. Good Housekeeping quotes the couple as saying, “We are still learning so much about each other… Marriage is a full-time job. We worked very hard to be together. We are a team, and while we have our ups and downs like a normal marriage, it’s totally worth it.”

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While on the show, Loren revealed that she was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary tics and vocalizations and often compulsive utterance of obscenities.

On her season of the series, Loren was upset when Alexei shared news of her Tourette’s with his mother. She went on to say, “I tried to hide it as much as I could from the cameras… People noticed and I think that made it worse — and let me tell you, people are mean. People are very, very mean. They are so quick to judge.”

As In Touch Weekly points out, Loren is now using her platform as a reality star to advocate for those with Tourette’s Syndrome. The outlet writes, “[Loren] attended an event for the Tourette Association of America earlier this year to share her story and shortly after last week’s episode aired, she posted a video clip asking her fans to visit the organization’s website in order to learn more.”

She captioned the above video, “Just because you can’t always see it, doesn’t mean it’s not always there.”

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