Miss USA 2019 Contestants: Winner & Top Finalists Revealed Live

Tonight was the 2019 Miss USA Pageant and there were 51 contestants competing for the title. Who won? There are always favorites but only 15 are semi-finalists and only one is the winner … Miss North Carolina, pictured in the above Twitter video.

Vanessa Lachey, who was one of the 2019 Miss USA hosts, recently spoke with Fox News about the contestants and said, “There is only one girl who’s going to be crowned Miss USA 2019 but if you did it your way and you answered with your heart and you believed in every choice that you made, then you won’t have any regrets. You’ll move on to the next level, the next chapter and the next thing with grace and empowerment.”

But, let’s get down to what you’re really interested in … the winners. It’s time to get down to the top contestants. Who made it through as a semi-finalist tonight … a finalist, and more details about the winner. Read on below for the top contestants revealed live, along with their reactions on stage and how far they made it in the competition.

Miss Florida Nicolette Jennings – She said it was surreal to be first announced in the top 15 and just to be present at the competition. Jennings made it into the top 10 during tonight’s pageant. Jennings calls herself a tomboy and loves to watch the show Naked and Afraid. She loves the outdoors.

Miss New Mexico Alejandra Gonzalez – Gonzalez said that her brother is home watching her two Yorkie dogs. In the competition tonight, she made it through to become the first runner-up. Gonzalez is a first generation Mexican-American. She believes in promoting education and studies accounting. For the question portion of the show, Miss Colorado asked her about the 2020 election and Gonzalez said that immigration is very important to her and she hopes it gets addressed with the candidates.

Miss Arkansas Savannah Skidmore – She said that it’s wonderful for all her hard work to pay off in this moment. Skidmore was the first to be announced as making it through to the top 5. She wants to combat suicide in her community and that is her platform. Miss Mississippi asked Arkansas about diversity and her answer was that our nation shouldn’t be divided. People should come together over their differences.

Miss Ohio Alice Magoto – Host Nick Lachey revealed that he’s from Ohio also and showed some love. Magoto made it through to the top 10. Magoto is about “keeping it real” and doesn’t retouch or photoshop any of her photos online.

Miss Oklahoma Triana Browne – Browne said the last person she texted before coming out on stage was her mother and she hopes to make her proud. Tonight, Browne ended up as the second runner-up. When she was younger, Browne said she was bullied for being of mixed races. She is proud to represent a multi-cultural nation. During the question and answer portion of the show, Miss North Dakota asked Browne about voting and whether or not those incarcerated should be allowed to vote. Browne said that those who break the law should be held accountable and don’t necessarily have those same rights.

Miss Iowa Baylee Drezek – She hurt her arm this week and has been rehearsing in a sling. Drezek made it into the top 15.

Miss Minnesota Cat Stanley – Stanley made it into the top 15 tonight and admitted to being the most nervous about tonight’s swimsuit round.

Miss District of Columbia Cordelia Cranshaw – On stage, Cranshaw said her heart is beating very fast over the results. Miss D.C. was revealed to have made it into the top 10. She hopes to help people turning negatives into positives.

Miss Louisiana Victoria Paul – Paul said that this moment was everything she’s imagined and complimented her fellow contestants after making it into the top 15.

Miss North Carolina Cheslie Kryst – Miss North Carolina is the winner. She said she was hoping to make it to the top 15 and that her law firm back home is hosting a watch party for the event. Kryst volunteers for Dress for Success and she prides herself on breaking the glass ceiling. Miss Massachusetts asked Kryst about the Me Too movement during the questions segment and Kryst stressed that she wants the country to focus on safe work environments.

Miss Kansas Alyssa Klinzing – She said she lost her grandfather a year ago and that he was such a supporter of hers. She said she knows he’s looking down on her tonight. Kansas made it into the top 10. As a child, she said she dealt with abuse from her father and she said that Girl Scouts helped her. She hopes to be working in the White House one day.

Miss Pennsylvania Kailyn Marie Perez – She said she was shocked to hear her name called for the top 15 and very thankful.

Miss Maryland Mariela Pepin – Pepin said she’s become close with Miss New York in the competition and they’ve been rooming together. Miss Maryland continued on in the competition, into the top 10 contestants. She was born and raised in an Army family, moving around a lot. She is happy she got exposed to so many cultures.

Miss Hawaii Lacie Choy – She said this is her second pageant and she is very excited to be a part of the top 15 in the Miss USA Pageant.

Miss Nevada Tianna Tuamoheloa – She was the last contestant to be called and said she was so happy to be a part of the top 15, as the competition is being held in her state this year. Miss Nevada made it even farther, into the top 5. Miss Nevada was raised in a Samoan family and is an advocate for good mental health. Miss Michigan asked Nevada about gun violence and Miss Nevada said that weapons are too available. She said mental health has to also be considered. She began to flub her answer, apologized, and recovered.

The competition actually started last week, with evening gowns, swimsuits, and interviews during the preliminaries. The top 15 selection was based on the scoring from the preliminary competition.

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