MTV The Challenge 2019 Winner Spoilers: Who Won Season 33?

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This past season been one of the best cycles in the history of MTV’s The Challenge, but on Wednesday night, it was finally time for War of the Worlds to officially came to a close. After watching the brutal first leg of the finale last week, and then host TJ Lavin surprising the remaining contestants, Wes, Turbo, Theo, Hunter, Ninja Natalie, and Cara Maria, that there would be a Killing Floor elimination, viewers knew that the second part of the finale would make for even more blood, sweat, tears and IV drips.

So, who turned out to be the fiercest competitor of them all on War of the Worlds? And who took home the grand finale prize of $750,000?

It will come as a shock to no one that the winner of Season 33 of The Challenge is the man who could be mistake for a real-life superhero, Turbo. Turabi Camkiran, aka “Turbo” might’ve been a rookie walking into The Challenge, but he was a seasoned reality series competitor, and he played a simple game. While Wes masterminded his way through alliances and secrets pacts, Turbo let his athleticism do the talking.

Of course, if TJ threw the contestants a trivia curveball, the door would’ve opened wide up for others to win. But lucky for Turbo, MTV kept the finale challenge a pure test of will and physical endurance, two things that 30-year-old warrior has in spades. He’s won not just one, but two seasons of Survivor: Turkey, and with a background in Taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he was always a safe bet to win the whole thing.

Fun Fact: Turbo is not just a fighter, he’s also a break dancer. While competing on Turkey’s Got Talent, Turbo performed an aerial silk routine. While it may appear otherwise, Turbo is not just all brawn and muscle, he’s got a softer side, too. And throughout the competition, Turbo won over fans not only with his obvious physical skill, but his sometimes lost-in-translation, talking head interviews. When commenting on the Leroy/Kam/Theo love triangle Turbo said, “Kam, if you don’t choose one man, they are going to fight. And maybe? Someone will die.”

Here’s hoping MTV keeps bringing Turbo back for future cycles. While he’s not perfect, Turbo’s inability to forgive and forget may prove to be detrimental to him in future challenges, but he’s genuine, a fierce competitor, and respectful of women. Plus, he give veterans like Johnny Bananas, CT, and Wes a run for their money, which all makes for wonderful TV.

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