Nicole’s Daughter May on ’90 Day Fiancé’

90 Day Fiance


90 Day Fiance is back for another episode, and fans are curious about the situation surrounding May and Nicole.

In June of last year, In Touch Weekly reported that it appeared that Nicole Nafziger moved to Morocco, and left her daughter, May, back home in the US. They write, “Nicole shared a new photo of her adorable little girl at the beach— and fans are convinced she is living in Florida while her mom travels to the African country with her controversial fiancé.”

Then, in April, In Touch Weekly reported on a Q&A that Nicole did for Instagram. Asked if May’s biological father is still involved in her life, Nicole wrote, “Mays bio dad and I are in contact for May only.” Asked if she sees him on a regular basis and if he has custody, she replied, “No, no.”

More fans continued to ask questions about the little girl’s biological father. When one fan asked if May’s biological dad is still in her life, she wrote, “He video chats her once and a while but he hasn’t met her in person before. We live states away. He asks about her but we just live our lives.”

The reality star goes on to explain that she was 34 weeks pregnant with May when she decided to split with her then-boyfriend.

Now, she’s deep into her relationship with Azan Tefou, and the couple has been together for over three years. Nicole was just 21, and Azan was 23, and from Morocco, when they first met. When they were first featured on the series, Nicole left her daughter so she could go meet Azan in person, and after some up-and-down experiences, they eventually became engaged.

At another point during the Q&A last month, Nicole was asked about why she and Azan called off their wedding in 2018. She explained that she and Azan would get married when they’re ready and when “the right moment comes.” She went on to write, “It was too fast! I don’t want to feel pressure to marry my best friend. I want to enjoy the process of marrying him,” Nicole explained.

When Nicole and Azan first got on the show, May was only 20 months old. Now, she’s around 5. If you check out May’s Instagram, you’ll see that many photos boast May and Azan together. May has joined her mother on a number of trips to Morocco, which have also been documented on Instagram.

For now, it seems May and her mother are doing just fine. Last week, she posted a photo to Instagram that was captioned, “May and I just living our best lives right now♥️.”

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