Nicole Nafziger & Azan Tefou: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nicole and Azan 90 Day Fiance


Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou have appeared on 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoffs a number of times, but their relationship seems to have stalled. The couple have run into several issues as of late, including Azan’s struggle to get a K-1 visa in the United States and accusations that he’s simply using Nicole for money.

“Y’all do not know Azan at all like I or his family do,” Nicole said on Instagram Live. “I love and respect my family more than anything. My parents and my siblings have helped and been there for me even when I didn’t ask.”

Here’s what you need to know about Nicole and Azan:

1. Nicole & Azan Met Through a Dating App In 2016 & Tried to Get Married In Morocco

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Nicole and Azan’s romance was introduced during the 2016 season of 90 Day Fiancé. Nicole’s mother Robbalee was skeptical of Azan’s intentions, pointing to the lack of sincerity in his voice, but Nicole was instantly smitten and decided to travel to Morocco and spend five weeks with her new hubby.

According to Us Weekly, Azan was not as physically infatuated with Nicole. “The first time I saw Nicole, I see that she’s pretty and, you know, cute,” he explained. “When I see all her, I mean all her body, I was surprised that she’s big, a little bit.” Nicole moved to Morocco so that her and Azan could get married, but they were unable to make it official when she failed to present the proper paperwork. Nicole promptly returned to the United States unmarried.

Nicole’s stepfather Joe Fouraker confirmed her marital status during an interview with Radar Online. “They called it off. They said the timing wasn’t right … Is she going back to get married? I don’t know,” he said. “She still talks to him. I think she still intends to go back. The wedding dress is still there.”

2. Nicole Says Azan Is a Good Father to Her Daughter May & That They Want 2 More Kids Together

During a recent Q&A on Instagram Live, Nicole discussed her plans for the future, and how her daughter May factors into them. “So our plan right now is actually for me and May to move to Morocco, marry and stay there for a little while before attempting to come to America,” she told her fans. She also said that Azan and her daughter are very close. “They get along so well!” she explained. “Azan loves her like she was his own daughter. He wants the best in life for her.”

“Yes she [calls him dad],” Nicole added. “May loves Azan very much and misses him a lot as well.” When it comes to having more kids with Azan, the reality star announced that the answer is yes and that she wants to have two more. “He wants children and a life with me. We want forever with each other,” Nicole wrote. “Azan is a loving and caring man. He’s a kind-hearted person who is very family-oriented. I love everything about him.”

In terms of names, Nicole told fans that she and Azan have begun picking them out, but that she doesn’t want to reveal what they are. She also said that she wants the names to be a mixture of her American heritage and his Moroccan.

3. Azan Was Accused of Cheating on Nicole With Multiple Women In 2018

Nicole and Azan’s relationship took a major hit in 2018 when a mystery woman came forward and accused the latter of being an adulterer. In an interview with Reality Blurb, the woman said that Azan cheated on Nicole with multiple partners throughout the world. “The whole relationship is really a joke,” she said. “He plans on going over and marrying Nicole, as soon as he can he wants to just divorce her and then bring in his girlfriend from Morocco, bring her over to the states and marry her. Everything about it is just really shady.”

The woman claimed that Azan had multiple relationships with other women from other countries; including partners in Russia, Korea, Japan, and England. She also says that she had an affair with Azan after he slid into her DMs in August 2016. She claims that Azan would regularly mock Nicole during their time together, and said that he was just using her.

She said that he would call Nicole “Hamburger Helper” because all she ate was hamburgers, and compared her eating habits to that of a camel. He also reportedly said that he was “very embarrassed by her and refused to introduce her to his friends or family. Nicole later said that she forgave Azan.

4 Nicole Says That the Timing Isn’t Yet ‘Right’ for Her & Azan to Get Married

During a recent teaser, Nicole’s parents questioned her about her marriage plans. “I don’t know where she’s trying to go from here,” said Robbalee. “They talk about getting married, but the first time it kind of got called off at the last minute, the second time it got called off before I was even supposed to head there. This whole thing just seems like a cycle of nothing.”

Nicole told her parents that she plans to marry Azan, but that she doesn’t feel its the right time. “I mean, you were there. We told you that we just didn’t feel like it was the right time for it,” she explained. “You know, with money and how much it took to put one together.”

Nicole’s parents gave her a sizable chunk of money for her wedding, but she later said that she was going to use the money to start a business. The business has yet to get off the ground. “I don’t know what his true intent is, but what I saw in Morocco, it was a little unsettling,” Robbalee added.

5. Nicole Says That Fans Who Mock Their Relationship Don’t Know the ‘Entire Story’

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Azan’s cheating allegations have led many viewers to criticize Nicole’s decision to stay with him. The latter addressed these criticisms during a recent Q&A session. “Listen up, y’all,” she wroteon May 15. “Let’s get a few things straight. I am not delusional. I am not ‘mental.’ Yes, I am all here.”

“I do not send Azan money regularly. May is well taken care of and very happy. yes, crazy as it seems, Azan loves me just as much as I love him,” she continued. “Yes, I know I am worthy to be love by someone who treats me well, and Azan is that man. The only people who will ‘finally open their eyes’ is y’all once y’all see our journey continued on YouTube. Let’s see, what else is there? Y’all only see a TV show that is about my romantic life, not my entire life.”

“[90 Day Fiancé] does not show how I am as a mother,” she remarked. “Yes, I took my daughter to another country and she was well protected. I [now] have known Azan for three-and-a-half years. Azan is not a ‘stranger.’”

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