Who Got Eliminated on ‘Paradise Hotel’ Tonight? 5/30

Paradise Hotel Finale Schedule


Paradise Hotel aired its latest episode tonight, and controversial cast member Rosanna C. was eliminated after making enemies with Nicole and her former hubby Tyler Berta. Read on below for a recap of the episode:

5:00 – The episode starts with a recap of what happened last week, and which of the contestants are on the bubble to be eliminated.

5:10 Rosanna C. gets eliminated. After bumping heads with hubby Tyler Berta and getting into verbal spats with Tyler’s ex and cast newcomer Nicole, Rosanna was sent home, confirming many fan theories heading into tonight’s two-hour special.

5:25 – It’s revealed that Carlos Garcia aka Papi Sazon is Tatum Smith’s side piece. “Carlos is super attractive and he is a gentlemen,” Tatum said during a confessional interview. “I just want someone who cares about me. I want to feel like a queen.” The reveal causes many of the cast members to be visually shocked.

5:40 – Bobby Ray talks about his feelings for Tatum during a confessional interview. The couple have been hooking up throughout the show, and he admits that he’s unsure how he feels about their future. “I really like Tatum, I’ve been taking things slow with her,” he said. “But we have been sleeping in the same bed for weeks so maybe its time to take it to the next level.” The pair then decide to go hook up.

5:45 – Kristin Cavallari gathers the cast together to tell them that there will be new guests checking into Paradise Hotel. This time, however, they will be able to choose the guests. Cavallari sends the guys to the pool to find three new girls they connect with, while she’s going to send guys to the current cast of girls so they can choose their favorite three as well.

6:00 – Several newcomers are brought into the mix, but the one who seems to make the biggest impression is Jamie, who is currently single. The current cast of women talk among themselves when she arrives. “I’m here, I’m ready to shake things up, I’m ready to make a connection, and I’m ready to stick around,” Jamie tells the cameras.

6:10 – Tatum and Kendall talk about possibly teaming up to eliminate Brittney. Tatum says that both her and Kendall have strong connections with their respective partners, and if they do the opposite of what Brittney wants, they could eliminate her as a threat. “The plan is to tell the other girls not to pick who Brittney wants,” Tatum says during a confessional.

6:20 – After the couples participate in a beach competition, Brittney confronts Tatum over her plan to eliminate her. Tatum denies ever saying such things, and said that she was simply “thinking about strategy” for a minute. She says she regrets even considering a plan against Brittney and says she chose Jared because she thought Brittney would have a connection with him.

6:40 – Tatum tells Bobby that she’s going to the bathroom but instead she sneaks into Carlos’ room to complain about the way Bobby has been treating her. Carlos says he was angry that Jared won the challenge earlier, because had he won he would’ve sent Bobby home. They kiss before Tatum leaves.

6:55 – Kristen comes back on alert the cast members of a change in rules. She tells them that the only way to stay in the game is to be in a couple, except for tonight. She reveals that the one guy who gets eliminated tonight will not be checking out alone, and will be able to take a couple with him.

10:00 – The episode ends on a cliffhanger, as the couples are forced to confront the possibility that they aren’t safe from being sent home.

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