Kodak Black Arrested at Rolling Loud in Miami on State & Federal Gun Charges

Kodak Black has been arrested at hip-hop festival Rolling Loud in Miami.

Miami journalist Brian Entrin reported his arrest.

“Bill Kapri, AKA Rapper Kodak Black …arrested tonight. Official statement from Marshals: after an extensive investigation conducted by the US Marshals, ATF, and Miami Dade PD North Side Gang Unit, Kapri, was arrested as he arrived at the Hard Rock Stadium to perform. Kapri will be charged with both state and federal firearms violations and is being booked into the Federal Detention Center in Miami.”

Adam 22 posted a video to Twitter of the arrest: “Kodak Black just got arrested at Rolling Loud before he was able to perform ?”

Arrested Just Weeks Ago on a Gun Charge in NY, the South Florida Rapper Has a History With SoFlo Law Enforcement

Kodak Black

Broward County SheriffKodak Black to be released from jail two months early.

He was arrested on drug and weapons charges when he attempted to cross from Canada into the United States near Niagara Falls in mid-April. He and two others were in an Escalade with temporary California tags when at the border. They told border agents they had weed and guns, according to a report. New York State Police were called in and it’s reported marijuana and a loaded Glock 9mm was found in the car. Kodak was arrested and charged with gun and marijuana possession.

What, if anything, the New York weapon charge has to do with the current weapons charges is unclear.

In the spring of 2018, the then 20-year-old from Miramar he was sentenced to one year in county jail after he pleaded guilty to just two of 12 original charges. He’s been credited with time served and ‘good time,’ time scratched from a sentence for good behavior.

Police raided Kodak’s Pompano Beach house Jan. 18 after getting word of video where he and his crew are seen with drugs and guns. At the time, Kodak faced seven charges: grand theft of firearm, 2 charges of weapon possession by a felon, possession of marijuana, child neglect because his young son appears in the video, and two probation violation charges. Dropped by state prosecutors was one of the possession charges, the gun theft charge and the child neglect allegation.

And he was in and out of juvenile detention and jail since he was in middle school.

WorldStarHipHop YouTube

Getting arrested, getting locked up, let out and then violating probation became a pattern. And he was on house arrest on a South Carolina charge of sexual assault at the time of his arrest which meant more new violation charges.

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne Refused to Perform

“To all my fans who came to see me at Rolling Loud, I’m sorry but I won’t be performing. The Festival Police (Not Rolling Loud) made it mandatory that I had to be policed and checked to get on the stadium grounds. I do not and will not ever settle for being policed to do my job”

Kodak was supposed to perform at 8:45 p.m. Weezy at 10:55.

Rolling Loud Has Definitely Not Been Quiet. An Active Shooter False Alarm Sent Hundreds Running in Fear Friday Night & Again Saturday Night

Friday night, a report of an active shooter, which turned out to be a false alarm, sent hundreds running out of the Hard Rock Stadium, and some were injured.

“Whether the rolling loud shooting was a false alarm or not this just showed that their set up was ridiculous. There was no way out. We ran into dead ends and tore down fences to leave. The most unsafe layout I’ve ever experienced, absolutely no emergency exits.”

Many are dubious of the false alarm claim and hundreds insist they heard shots. Others say a fight and the confusion after it led to a panic.

Still, many say gunshots were heard.

This is the official next-day tweet. The first tweet after it was reported that there was an active shooter at the festival, the Rolling Loud Twitter person-at-the-keyboard posted “It’s lit!!!”

Rolling Loud tweet

That wildly inappropriate tweet was quickly taken down.

It happened again Saturday night.

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