Russ’ Family’s Issues With Paola on 90 Day Fiancé

Russ & Paola Mayfield

Instagram Russ Mayfield's family weren't big fans of Paola when he first brought her back to Oklahoma from Columbia. Read on for details on the 90 Day Fiancé Mayfield family drama.

Russ Mayfield’s mom and dad weren’t big fans of Paola when their son first brought her back to Oklahoma from Columbia. Paola’s fiery Latina attitude and outgoing personality clashed significantly with Russ’ conservative hometown and family, according to SoapDirt.

Russ and Pao first met at a party in Columbia when Russ, who was an oil engineer, began working in Colombia (Paola is from Bucaramanga). They quickly fell in love and decided to begin the K-1 visa process in 2012 so that Paola could stay with Russ in the U.S. permanently. In order to save money for their wedding, Russ and Paola decided to move in with his parents. In October 2013, the pair finally said “I do,” and have been going strong since; however, the couple had some bumps along the road to their happily ever after, especially when it came to Russ’ family.

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Russ’ family is far more conservative than Paola is, and because Paola doesn’t mind showing a little skin when she dresses up, Russ’ family, including his mother, weren’t as welcoming as Russ had hoped they would be.

In the promo above, Paola tells the cameras that she isn’t happy living with Russ’ parents while they save money for the wedding. “Russ’ parents were really nice and happy to have us in their place, but it’s not good,” she tells the cameras. “No you don’t have privacy at all.”

“My parents are very quiet and soft-spoken,” Russ says in the clip. “Paola is a little more flashy. Paola is nothing like a traditional Oklahoma girl.”

The cameras cut to a scene of Paola walking into the kitchen to eat breakfast with the family, while still wearing shorts and a tank top pajama set. Russ’ mom looks visibly uncomfortable, and Russ asks her to put a robe on, to which his mom replies “good idea.”

“I just woke up and came downstairs and they were looking at me like ‘why is she wearing that?'” Paola tells the cameras. “I can be all day in my pajamas and I don’t care, you know? But they have different rules.”

Paola didn’t consider living with her in-laws as part of her American dream, and when she first flew in from Columbia, Russ’ parents actually wanted them to have separate bedrooms, so things were already off to a bit of a rocky, awkward start.

However, it looks like the couple was able to make it through a variety of issues over the years, including the awkwardness between Pao and Russ’ family. The couple welcomed their son Axel into the world in January of this year, and judging by their social media accounts, the little family couldn’t be happier.

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