Russ & Paola Mayfield’s Jobs on 90 Day Fiancé

Russ & Paola Mayfield, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Russ and Paola Mayfield, stars of TLC's hit series 90 Day Fiancé, both have successful careers; Russ works as an oil engineer and Paola is a model.

Russ and Paola Mayfield, stars of the hit TLC series 90 Day Fiancéboth have successful careers aside from their reality television gigs on the show. After Russ lost his oil engineering job in Oklahoma, the couple moved to Miami, Florida to focus on their careers. Russ was able to land a new job as an engineer, and Paola started modeling; the couple also promotes several products on their Instagram pages, including tea, fitness products, CBD gummies, fertility tests and more.

Actually, a surprising portion of Paola’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of her endorsing various products; Modern Fertility, Veritas Farms and Abs2B Fitness are some of the most recent brands Pao has endorsed.

Russ and Pao first met at a party in Columbia when Russ, who was an oil engineer, began working in Colombia (Paola is from Bucaramanga). They quickly fell in love and decided to begin the K-1 visa process in 2012 so that Paola could stay with Russ in the U.S. permanently. In order to save money for their wedding, Russ and Paola decided to move in with his parents. In October 2013, the pair finally said “I do,” and have been going strong since; however, the couple had some bumps along the road to their happily ever after, especially when it came to Paola’s modeling career.

When Paola first came to the United States, the couple had settled in Oklahoma to live with Russ’ family. When Pao realized there weren’t many modeling opportunities for her in Oklahoma, she relocated to Miami, where she launched her career. She moved to the city by herself initially, to see if she could find steady work before Russ uprooted his life in Oklahoma to come live in Miami with her.

Russ wasn’t too thrilled with her modeling at first; he was reportedly unhappy with some of the gigs she was landing, which included modeling lingerie. However, he lost his job soon after, so they were relying solely on her income while he was looking for another job.

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There’s much more to me than what you see on tv. I’m honestly not the jealous type and although I’d had preferred to keep my wife’s curves a mystery, especially when it comes to the lusting creeps out there. I accept and am proud of my wife for the beautiful woman she is and she’s all mine but like most relationships, we find ourselves with differing opinions at times and love costs and takes effort for it to work. I am tired of the comments from the marriage “experts” stating I deserve better, my wife doesn’t respect me, or she only loves me for my money and so on and so forth. The mere glimpse of our lives shown doesn’t always show our best moments but impressions and expressions from our cultural differences and how we are coming together as an even stronger couple. If I or my story bores you and creating a mocking meme or mocking comment of me and/or my wife is how you make yourself feel better about your unshared and perfect life, well thank you for your benightedness as it only spices us up even more, so go on and keep hating and commenting to better your dull lives because your opinions are meaningless in my eyes but you’re only hurting yourself hiding behind your keyboard which proves nothing to you or me especially when I have yet to meet someone to end a conversation with me with such nescience and mockery. I am proud of where I come from and where I am going and that’s with the love of my life, whom I love for better or for worse. I am not perfect and only look for support from my followers, not hypocritical and judgmental ignorance seeking ‘like’ attention. #russandpao #oklahomanabroad #happilyeverafter

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Russ eventually came to terms with her career choice, and posted about his feelings on Instagram, telling his fans that he wasn’t a jealous man, and although he initially wanted to keep her “curves a mystery,” he was proud of his wife and her career.

“I accept and am proud of my wife for the beautiful woman she is and she’s all mine but like most relationships, we find ourselves with differing opinions at times and love costs and takes effort for it to work,” he wrote back in July, 2018. He proceeded to tell his fans and naysayers that Pao wasn’t using him for his money, and that people needed to mind their own business about their relationship.

However, despite their disagreements on Pao’s career choice, it looks like the couple was able to make it through a variety of issues over the years, including the initial awkwardness between Pao and Russ’ family. The couple welcomed their son Axel into the world in January of this year, and judging by their social media accounts, the little family couldn’t be happier.

Tune in tonight at 8/7c to catch the newest episode of 90 Day Fiancé, only on TLC.

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