Shep Rose Girlfriend 2019: Is He Dating Anyone?

Getty Shep Rose

Shep Rose doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now. The Southern Charm star has been romantically linked to several of his reality TV co-stars, but none of them have led to an official relationship. Despite his single status, however, Rose has said that he’s always “looking to settle down” with the right person.

In June 2018, Rose admitted to hooking up with fellow Southern Charm cast member Kathryn Dennis several times. He let slip that they hooked up during the show’s first season, and a handful of times after the birth of Kathryn’s daughter in 2014. “We met at one of my bars and we had a couple drinks and it was just on fire again,” Rose told WWH host Andy Cohen. “Originally I was [her booty call]. But I would go on a date with her!” While the pair never did go on that date, they’ve remained close friends.

Shep Rose Is Single But Is Looking to ‘Settle Down’ With the Right Person

Rose also starred in the 2018 Bravo series RelationShep. The series followed him as he traveled throughout the country and went on blind dates with various women. The first season ended with Rose proclaiming his love for NYC resident Bella Clark, with the two appearing to settle into a happy relationship. Their union dissolved shortly after.

“We tried to make it work after the show, but I think once you’re off camera, you get to know someone a little bit better and I just realized we didn’t have as much in common as we initially thought,” Clark told The Morning Breath. Rose echoed her sentiments, telling Bravo, “For whatever reason, I don’t know. I guess she didn’t think we were simpatico after a while. But I don’t know… I gave it a shot.”

Rose Split from His ‘RelationShep’ Love Interest Bella Clark In 2018

On February 19, a fan tweeted at Rose and asked him whether he would be interested in doing a second season of RelationShep. He responded to the tweet by writing, “Not with me as the subject. No more dating shows. I’m working on other things. It’s not that i didn’t enjoy it, but i said what i needed to say. And it kind of got rearranged from what i originally wanted it to be.”

When the fan asked him to clarify, Rose said that he wants to focus on different aspects of romance. “I wanted it to be a cross country examination of the brave new world of dating,” he explained. “With a focus on regional differences of attitudes on relationships, sex, etc. sort of like an Anthony Bourdain but with dating. But alas…it became derivative and unimaginative. But it’s all good.”

For the time being, Rose seems committed to having a good time. In a recent interview with Decider, he admits to getting kicked out of a VIP tent at a PGA tournament. “We had these VIP passes, but only to one area. I was with some girls, I was definitely having fun, people were buying us shots left right and center and I love that,” he said. “m not saying I wasn’t drunk. I was drunk. But I went up there to a tent that wasn’t my badge tent with some girls and was having a ball. I can’t say for sure but I guarantee you it was a husband or a boyfriend who was not pleased with how much fun we were having and laughing and carrying on.”

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