Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Marriage Update 2019

Getty Joe Manganiello (L) and Sofia Vergara

Tonight is the series finale of Modern Family, and Sofia Vergara is one of main cast members. Vergara has been married to husband Joe Manganiello since 2015, and the couple have recently talked about how they keep their marriage feeling fresh. Read on to learn more about Vergara and her celebrity relationship.

Vergara told Entertainment Tonight that she makes a point of preserving her “date nights” with her husband. She also said that Manganiello has been supportive of her through her various career ventures. “He loves that I love to work, that I love to be creative, that I’m always planning my ventures, that I’m always excited about work and about business,” she explained. “He loves that.”

Vergara & Manganiello Have Been Married Since 2015

“I think the important thing that I have learned [about balancing work and family] is that you have to learn how to delegate. You can’t do everything yourself,” she added. “You have to surround yourself with people you know can help you. To pay someone’s salary, it’s an investment so you can do more things, so you can trust people to help you do all the things you want.”

Vergara has a son from a previous marriage named Manolo, but she’s said that having children with Manganiello is not a priority. “When you’re with somebody that hasn’t had kids, and you want to start a relationship, of course there’s always that question,” she told Cosmo in 2015. “And if it happens, it will be something that will make us very happy, but it’s not a priority in our lives.” She also joked about how Manolo would react to another child. “My son, Manolo, is 23 years old, which is going to be really weird if I have another baby,” she quipped.

Vergara Has Said That Having Kids With Manganiello Is ‘Not a Priority’

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Manganiello, who rose to fame on the TV series The Vampire Diaries, previously spoke about his marriage and how he knew that Vergara was the woman for him. During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he recalled the second date that they went on. “I noticed that People Magazine had put me on the cover of the bachelor issue. Like, number one bachelor guy. So I grabbed it off the shelf and I went to go see her,” he recalled. “I said ‘Look, I know you just got out of this long term relationship and if you need to be single, I understand. I’m not going to like it, but I just need to know.'”

“So, she picked up the magazine, she opened it up, and I saw that she was flipping past my interview,” Manganiello added. “And I said ‘What are you doing?’ She said ‘I’m seeing who else is on this list.’ I was like ‘You’re the one.’” In 2016, Vergara said that she was hesitant to get into a relationship with Manganiello because of their age difference. “When he started trying to convince me to go out with him, I don’t want to…,” she admitted. “… I am too old now to be with a guy that all the girls are, like, after him… I’m not kidding. I didn’t want to go out with him because of how hot he was.” Vergara is currently 46, and Manganiello is 42.

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