T-Pain Wife: Who Is Amber Najm?

Getty T-Pain

T-Pain has been married to his wife Amber Najm since 2003. The couple live in Atlanta, Georgia with their three children, and T-Pain has even admitted to writing songs inspired by his wife. Learn more about Najm and her relationship with the acclaimed rapper below.

According to Your Tango, Najm is a graduate of Florida A&M University. She met T-Pain while she was still in college, and they were dating by the time graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. Najm began working for the American military in 2001. T-Pain later revealed that he wrote the 2005 song “I’m Sprung” as a tribute to Najm.

T-Pain & Amber Najm Have Been Married Since 2003 & Have 3 Children

“It was brand new love. It was the kind of love that makes you write a song about it,” he told USA Today. “The song itself came together quickly. “I was experimenting with Auto-Tune at the time and I really got into it. It was fairly easy to get that done, because it was about something I am well-versed in: love. It surprised me how fast it happened, but I already knew it was a good song.” The song peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, and became T-Pain’s first hit as a solo artist.

T-Pain admitted to having a threesome with Najm and a Costa Rican prostitute. “It was just me, my wife, my security, his girlfriend, and the strippers,” he told the Fader in 2014. “My wife was gettin’ a dance and she was like, ‘I like her.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I like her too, so she’s fine.’ She was like, ‘No, I like her for real.’ It was her idea. Which is why I think we’re so great. It’s always her idea.” The revelation led many to assume that the couple had an open relationship, or were “swingers”, but T-Pain has stated that this isn’t the case.

T-Pain Has Denied the Rumor That He & Najm Have an ‘Open Relationship’

The rapper said that he and Najm have never had an open relationship. “It’s definitely not that, not at all, not even close,” he stated. “I wouldn’t even want to do that with a girlfriend, nonetheless my wife… It’s not like we can just go off and have relationships with other people. People were assuming we got married for nothing. Just because we smash an every now and then doesn’t mean we have an open marriage.”

That said, T-Pain admitted to being unfaithful when he first starting getting popular as a rapper. “I can’t lie, there was a time in the beginning of my career where all this stuff was going to my head and I would just go and do leisurely things and pretty much I would venture off with other women,” he told Sister2Sister.

“I saw the importance of what I had in my family and my wife—somebody that was there to love me for me and not somebody to love me because I was T-Pain,” he continued. “I definitely wanted to be a better husband, a better father, and just better my life so that my family can live good. I came to a point that, even though I had so much money and even though I was doing so good, none of that stuff is going to mean anything if my family ain’t okay.”

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