Tamar Braxton Argues With Fan Over Boyfriend David Adefeso

Tamar Braxton

Getty Tamar Braxton recently made headlines after getting into a heated exchange with a woman on Instagram who said hello to her boyfriend David Adefeso.

Tamar Braxton is currently dating 49-year-old David Adefeso, and she is quick to call out strangers on the internet who look like they are flirting with her man, even if she does sound playful when she does it. The reality star recently made headlines after she and another woman on Instagram got into a heated debate on whether or not the woman should be saying hello to her boyfriend.

Adefeso recently posted a picture on Instagram with the caption: “After spending the holiday weekend hanging with the boys and attending the epic finale of @kandi‘s #welcometothedungeon tour with the sensational @tamarbraxton I really need some recovery time #ThankGodForWater!”

A woman who goes by Nellie Baybay on Instagram posted a simple “hey u,” in the comments of Adefeso’s post, which quickly prompted a response from Braxton, who jumped on to remind the woman that Adefeso is her man.

“Hey boo! I’m Tamar from Baltimore…. this is my boyfriend David… so correction sis… hey Ya’ll,” she wrote, followed by a couple cute emojis. Although Braxton’s response was innocent enough as well, a heated exchange quickly erupted between the two.

The woman accused Braxton of being insecure, writing: “@tamarbraxton you shouldn’t be that worried about me? Are you that insecure? I said hi to him because I knew him before you did! And you’re not going to keep a man being insecure, and my husband says hello and tell Vince [hi].”

Braxton claimed she was joking, said she would be willing to let Nellie Baybay cook for her and Adefeso, and then offered to hook the woman up with her ex-husband. “Awwwww don’t be big mad sis! Don’t do that. I was ONLY joking!! Oh well… Yemi thought it was funny AND Maybe u can cook for us… or Vince he’s single dm me I’ll send his number. #gyl”

Nellie Baybay posted screenshots of the conversation on her Instagram page, and of the messages that she received after some of Braxton’s fans started harassing her. One told her to stop “playing with other people’s men” and another threatened to “drag her” if she continued to mess with Braxton.

Plenty of fans defended Braxton, saying that it was obviously a joke and that she isn’t worried about any random women on the internet stealing her man. “Tamar was joking; I’m sure she isn’t worried about you or any other woman. A joke is a joke, personally, I wouldn’t have said anything because you get all this bs shade on here for nothing.”

Braxton and Adefeso have been dating for several months, and the Braxton Family Values star even walked the red carpet with her new man at the WE tv show’s premiere party earlier in April, shortly before making their relationship official on social media.

“He’s a standup guy, he’s a different kind of guy,” Braxton told Entertainment Weekly, noting that she also wants to have “13,000 more children” in the future.

Adefeso has yet to respond to the two women bickering over him on his own Instagram picture, although it doesn’t appear there has been any more communication between the two ladies since yesterday.

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